Steven Rinella Wife: The Wild Life with Catherine Finch

Steven Rinella Wife

Exploring the life of Catherine Finch, the supportive partner behind Steven Rinella’s success as an outdoorsman and TV personality. Their story reflects a journey of mutual support, passion for nature, and family life.

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Who is Steven Rinella’s Wife?

Catherine Parlette Finch is the wife of Steven Rinella. She is known for her strong support system to her husband, contributing significantly to his career in outdoor adventures and television.

How old is Steven Rinella’s Wife?

Catherine Parlette Finch was born on May 18, 1979, making her 43 years old.


Catherine Finch pursued her primary education in Michigan and later moved to Colombia for higher studies. Her educational background has played a crucial role in her career choices.


Catherine Finch has an impressive career spanning public relations and publishing. She served as a senior publicist at Simon and Schuster and later joined Amazon Publishing. Currently, she is the Chief Communications Officer at MeatEater Inc.

Steven Rinella Wife

Catherine Finch, beyond her professional identity, is a dedicated wife to Steven Rinella and a loving mother to their three children. Her private nature contrasts with Rinella’s public persona.

How did they meet?

Steven Rinella and Catherine Finch met at a public program in New York, where Catherine was working as a publicist. Their initial meeting led to a date and eventually to a long-lasting relationship.

When did they get married?

Steven and Catherine got married in 2008. They have shared a life together based on mutual interests and values since then.

Do they have kids?

The couple has three children – one daughter and two sons. They value their family’s privacy, keeping their children away from the public eye.

How long have they been married?

Steven Rinella and Catherine Finch have been married for approximately 14 years, having tied the knot in 2008.

What made her husband famous?

Steven Rinella is renowned as an outdoorsman, conservationist, writer, and TV personality. He gained fame through his TV show “MeatEater,” showcasing his hunting and outdoor skills.

What is Catherine Finch known for?

Catherine Finch is known for her successful career in public relations and publishing, as well as her role as Chief Communications Officer at MeatEater Inc.

What does Catherine Finch do for a living?

Catherine Finch works as the Chief Communications Officer at MeatEater Inc, contributing to the company’s growth and her husband’s professional endeavors.


Catherine Finch, Steven Rinella’s wife, embodies the role of a supportive partner, balancing her professional life with her responsibilities as a mother and wife. Her contribution to Rinella’s career and their shared life together paints a picture of a dynamic, supportive partnership.

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FAQs about Catherine Finch
  1. What is Catherine Finch’s Net Worth?
    • Catherine Finch’s estimated net worth is around $5 million, derived from her career in public relations and as a CCO.
  2. What are Catherine Finch’s interests outside of work?
    • Catherine enjoys cooking and often prepares meals with games brought home by her husband.
  3. Is Catherine Finch active on social media?
    • While she has an Instagram account (@kfinchrinella), it is private, reflecting her privacy preference.
  4. What is Catherine Finch’s role in Steven Rinella’s TV show ‘MeatEater’?
    • Catherine occasionally appears on the show and plays a significant role in its production behind the scenes.
  5. How does Catherine Finch balance her professional and personal life?
    • Catherine effectively manages her career while being a devoted mother and supportive wife, maintaining a balance between her personal and professional responsibilities.

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