Randy Travis Wife: Country Love with Mary Davis

Randy Travis Wife

Randy Travis and his wife Mary Davis have a love story that has withstood significant challenges. From a controversial beginning to enduring serious health crises, their relationship exemplifies resilience and commitment. Let’s delve into the life of Mary Davis and explore the journey of this couple’s enduring love.

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Who is Randy Travis’s wife?

Mary Davis, known for her involvement in a high-profile affair with country music legend Randy Travis, became a household name due to the scandal. Previously married to a cosmetic dentist, she became romantically involved with Travis, leading to a tumultuous period in both their lives.

How Old is Randy Travis’ Wife?

Mary Davis, also known as Mary Beougher, was born on May 4, 1959, making her 63 years old as of 2022. Her life has been marked by significant events that have shaped her public persona.


Mary Davis attended Plano Senior High School and later pursued higher education at Baylor University. Her educational background provided her with the skills and knowledge that later played a role in her managing her husband’s career.


Mary Davis first came into the limelight as Randy Travis’ manager, significantly contributing to his musical career. She was instrumental in the success of Travis’ albums and singles, showcasing her adeptness in the music industry.

Randy Travis Wife

Mary’s relationship with Randy Travis, initially professional, evolved into a romantic partnership. This transition was marked by controversy and public scrutiny, profoundly impacting both their personal and professional lives.

How Did They Meet?

Mary Davis met Randy Travis when she was managing her husband’s dental office, where Travis was a client. Their professional relationship soon developed into a personal one, leading to a complex and controversial love story.

When Did They Get Married?

Randy Travis and Mary Davis tied the knot in 2015, after a relationship that spanned several years. Their wedding was a testament to their strong bond, surviving the tumultuous events that preceded it.

Do They Have Kids?

Mary Davis has two children, Cavanaugh and Raleigh Davis Beougher, from her previous marriage to Dr. Ritchie Beougher. However, she and Randy Travis do not have children together.

How Long Have They Been Married?

As of 2023, Randy Travis and Mary Davis have been married for eight years. Their marriage has been marked by unwavering support, especially during Travis’ health struggles.

What Made Her Husband Famous?

Randy Travis rose to fame as a country music singer, known for his deep baritone voice and traditional style. His success in the music industry, marked by numerous hits and awards, made him a well-known figure in country music.

What is She Known For?

Mary Davis is primarily known for her role in Randy Travis’ life, both as his manager and wife. Her involvement in his career and her support during his health issues have been widely recognized.

Is She Humble?

Mary Davis is often described as a humble and supportive figure, especially in the face of the challenges that she and Randy Travis have faced together. Her steadfastness and dedication are admired by many.


The story of Randy Travis and Mary Davis is one of controversy, resilience, and enduring love. Despite the challenges they faced, their relationship stands as a testament to the power of commitment and the strength of love in the face of adversity.

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FAQs about Mary Davis
  1. What challenges did Randy Travis and Mary Davis face in their relationship? They dealt with public scrutiny due to their controversial affair and Travis’ legal and health issues.
  2. How has Mary Davis contributed to Randy Travis’ career? As his manager, she played a crucial role in the success of his music career, helping navigate the complexities of the industry.
  3. What impact did Randy Travis’ health crisis have on their relationship? Mary Davis’ unwavering support during Randy’s health crisis, including a massive stroke, highlighted the depth of their bond.
  4. What is Mary Davis’ background? Davis comes from a humble educational and professional background, having managed a dental office before meeting Travis.
  5. How has Mary Davis been portrayed in the media? Media portrayal of Mary Davis has focused on her role in Randy Travis’ life, often highlighting her support and management skills.

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