Peter Doocy Wife: Meet Hillary Vaughn The Journalistic Duo

Peter Doocy Wife

Peter Doocy, a prominent Fox News correspondent, is married to Hillary Vaughn, a journalist known for her work at Fox Business Network. This article explores their journey as a couple, both thriving in the world of journalism, and delves into Vaughn’s life, highlighting her contributions to the field and her role as Doocy’s partner.

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Who is Hillary Vaughn?

Hillary Vaughn is a respected journalist and correspondent for Fox Business Network. Known for her insightful coverage and professionalism, Vaughn has made a name for herself in the media industry, balancing a successful career with her role as Peter Doocy’s wife.

How old is Hillary Vaughn?

Hillary Vaughn was born on June 10, 1989, making her 34 years old as of 2023. Her age reflects her experience and maturity in the journalism field, as well as her role as a partner in a high-profile journalistic marriage.


Hillary Vaughn’s educational background includes a degree in broadcast journalism, which she obtained in 2010. Her academic pursuit in this field laid the foundation for her successful career in journalism.


Vaughn’s career as a journalist began with her participation in the Fox News Junior Reporter Program. Since then, she has worked across various networks before joining Fox Business Network. Her career is marked by coverage of significant topics, including business, finance, and politics.

Peter Doocy Wife

As Peter Doocy’s wife, Hillary Vaughn shares a unique bond with him, given their common professional background. Their relationship is not only personal but also a partnership of two individuals passionate about journalism.

How did Peter Doocy and Hillary Vaughn meet?

Peter Doocy and Hillary Vaughn met around 2017. The specifics of their first meeting are not publicly detailed, but their relationship blossomed over time, leading to their eventual marriage.

When did Peter Doocy and Hillary Vaughn get married?

Peter Doocy and Hillary Vaughn got married on April 26, 2021. Their wedding was a beautiful ceremony attended by close friends and family, signifying the start of their life together as a married couple.

Do Peter Doocy and Hillary Vaughn have kids?

As of 2023, Peter Doocy and Hillary Vaughn do not have children. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Bridget Blake Doocy, in February 2023.

How long have Peter Doocy and Hillary Vaughn been married?

Peter Doocy and Hillary Vaughn have been married for over two years since their wedding in April 2021. Their marriage is a blend of personal love and professional admiration.

How tall is Hillary Vaughn?

Hillary Vaughn stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (162 centimeters). Her stature complements her confident and professional demeanor as a journalist.

What happened to Peter Doocy from Fox?

Peter Doocy, known for his role as a White House correspondent for Fox News, took paternity leave in mid-2023 to spend time with his newborn daughter. His temporary absence from Fox News was noted by viewers, who are accustomed to seeing him regularly on the network.


Hillary Vaughn and Peter Doocy’s marriage is a remarkable example of a partnership where both individuals share a common professional passion. Their journey together is not only a romantic tale but also a testament to their shared dedication to journalism.

FAQs about Hillary Vaughn
  1. What significant awards has Hillary Vaughn won in her journalism career? Hillary Vaughn won the National Press Club’s Breaking News Award in 2019 for her outstanding reporting.
  2. What topics does Hillary Vaughn primarily cover as a journalist? Vaughn covers a variety of topics, including business, finance, politics, and breaking news, showcasing her versatility as a journalist.
  3. What role does Hillary Vaughn play in her marriage with Peter Doocy? Vaughn is not just a partner to Doocy; she is a collaborator and confidante, sharing both personal and professional interests.
  4. What is Hillary Vaughn’s approach to journalism? Vaughn is known for her thorough and insightful reporting, bringing depth and clarity to complex issues.
  5. What impact has Hillary Vaughn had on Fox Business Network? Vaughn’s contributions to Fox Business Network have been significant, marked by her in-depth coverage and professional integrity.

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