Nicole Scherzinger Husband: Exploring Her Relationship Status

Nicole Scherzinger Husband

Nicole Scherzinger, known for her stunning vocals and captivating stage presence, has caught the public’s attention not just for her talent but also for her personal life. Her relationship status, especially concerning her husband, has been a subject of intrigue. This article delves into who Nicole Scherzinger’s husband is, exploring various facets of their relationship.

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Who is Nicole Scherzinger’s Husband?

Thom Evans, a Scottish former international rugby union player and model, is the husband of Nicole Scherzinger. Known for his successful rugby career and media appearances, Evans has established himself as a well-known personality in sports and entertainment.

How Old is Nicole Scherzinger’s Husband?

Thom Evans was born on April 2, 1985, making him 38 years old as of 2023. His age reflects a career that, though cut short by injury, was filled with noteworthy achievements both on and off the rugby field.


Evans’ educational journey began at Windlesham House School and continued at Wellington College, Berkshire. His time in these institutions not only shaped his academic pursuits but also played a significant role in his early rugby career.


Thom Evans’s career is a tapestry of athletics and entertainment. His rugby career, marred by a severe injury, transitioned into a media career that included music, dancing, and television appearances, showcasing his versatility beyond sports.

Nicole Scherzinger Husband

Nicole Scherzinger’s husband, Thom Evans, has become a public figure not just through his rugby career but also through his various media endeavors and high-profile relationships.

How Did They Meet?

Nicole Scherzinger and Thom Evans met on the set of ‘The X Factor: Celebrity’ in 2019, where he was a contestant and she was a judge. Their initial professional interaction blossomed into a personal connection.

When Did They Get Married?

As of the latest updates, Nicole Scherzinger and Thom Evans have not married. They have been in a committed relationship since 2020, with reports of their engagement surfacing in June 2023.

Do They Have Kids?

Nicole Scherzinger and Thom Evans do not have children together. They have both focused on their careers and personal development during their relationship.

How Long Have They Been Married?

Nicole Scherzinger and Thom Evans are not married yet, but they have been in a relationship for over three years, since their meeting in 2019.

What Made Her Husband Famous?

Thom Evans gained fame primarily through his rugby career, representing Scotland internationally. His transition to media, including music and reality TV appearances, furthered his public recognition.

What Is She Known For?

Nicole Scherzinger is best known as the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. Her dynamic vocal range and charismatic stage presence have made her a household name in the music industry.

Is She Humble?

Nicole Scherzinger is often described as humble and grounded, despite her fame and success. She is known for her philanthropy and approachable demeanor, endearing her to fans and colleagues alike.


The relationship between Nicole Scherzinger and Thom Evans is a fascinating blend of two worlds – music and sports. Their journey, from a serendipitous meeting to a committed relationship, highlights the unpredictability and beauty of personal connections in the limelight.

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FAQs About Nicole Scherzinger’s Husband
  1. What sports did Thom Evans play?
    • Thom Evans was an international rugby player for Scotland.
  2. What injury ended Thom Evans’ rugby career?
    • A severe neck injury in 2010 ended his rugby career.
  3. Has Thom Evans pursued careers outside of sports?
    • Yes, including music, modeling, and reality TV appearances.
  4. When did Nicole Scherzinger and Thom Evans start dating?
    • They started dating in 2020 after meeting on ‘The X Factor: Celebrity.’
  5. Are Nicole Scherzinger and Thom Evans engaged?
    • Yes, they got engaged in June 2023.

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