Michael Jackson Height: The King of Pop’s Stature

Michael Jackson Height

Michael Jackson Height: The King of Pop’s Stature

Michael Jackson, an enigmatic superstar, has always intrigued fans not only with his music but also with his physical attributes, especially his height. Known to be 5 feet 9 inches tall, his stature added a unique dimension to his legendary status.

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Michael Jackson, globally renowned as the King of Pop, has left an indelible mark in the world of music and entertainment, captivating audiences with his extraordinary talent and unique persona.

Early Life

Jackson’s journey to stardom began in Gary, Indiana, where he was born into a family that would soon become famous as the Jackson 5. His early life was marked by his prodigious musical talent.


Jackson’s career, spanning several decades, is studded with groundbreaking albums, mesmerizing performances, and numerous awards, solidifying his place as a music icon.

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Michael Jackson Height

Michael Jackson stood at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm), a fact corroborated by his official autopsy report. This height contributed to his onstage presence and distinctive dance moves.

Autopsy Report Confirmation

The autopsy conducted after Jackson’s death provides the most accurate measure of his height, documenting him as 69 inches tall.

Height in Younger Years

In his youth, especially around the age of 26 when he achieved global fame, Jackson was likely around 5 feet 10 inches tall, considering natural height reduction with age.

Impact of Afro Hairstyle on Perceived Height

Jackson’s earlier appearances with an afro hairstyle gave an illusion of greater height, which changed after his 1984 hair and scalp accident.

Height Comparison with Other Celebrities

Jackson’s height, when compared to other celebrities like Elvis Presley, Prince, and Freddie Mercury, shows that he was not particularly tall for a male performer but had an average height.

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Shoe Choices and Illusion of Height

Jackson often wore special shoes, including the iconic “Beatle boots” and custom-designed footwear for his dance moves, which added to his height.

Height Among Jackson Family Members

Comparing Michael Jackson’s height with his siblings shows that he was one of the shortest, with most brothers taller than him.

What is Michael Jackson’s Religion?

Raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, Jackson’s religious beliefs were intertwined with his personal and professional life, influencing his worldview and artistic expression.


Michael Jackson’s height, while a point of curiosity for many, was just one aspect of his multifaceted persona. His impact as a musical genius and cultural icon far surpasses his physical attributes.

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FAQs about Michael Jackson
  1. How tall was Michael Jackson?
    • Michael Jackson was 5 feet 9 inches tall (175 cm).
  2. What was the source confirming Michael Jackson’s height?
    • His height was confirmed by the official autopsy report.
  3. Did Michael Jackson’s hairstyle affect perceptions of his height?
    • Yes, his afro hairstyle in the early years gave an illusion of added height.
  4. How did Michael Jackson compare in height to other pop legends?
    • He was similar in height to Freddie Mercury but shorter than Elvis Presley and Steve Wonder.
  5. What influence did Michael Jackson’s religion have on his life?
    • His Jehovah’s Witness upbringing had a profound impact on his personal and artistic life.

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