Mendes Girlfriend: Who Is Charlie Travers?

Mendes Girlfriend

Charlie Travers has recently come into the spotlight as Shawn Mendes’ potential new girlfriend. This article delves into who Charlie Travers is, her background, and her connection with Shawn Mendes.

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Who is Charlie Travers?

Charlie Travers is a TV host and personality from England. Known for her charismatic presence on screen, she has hosted various programs and appeared in reality TV shows.

How old is Charlie Travers

Born in June 1986, Charlie Travers is 37 years old as of 2023.

Education and Career

Details about Travers’ education are not widely known. Professionally, she has made her mark in the entertainment industry as a TV host, including hosting the Grammy web series On Location and the Permission Slip Podcast.

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Mendes Girlfriend

Recently, Charlie Travers has been recognized as Shawn Mendes’ girlfriend following public outings and shared moments that suggest a romantic connection between the two.

Meeting of Mendes and Charlie Travers

The specifics of how Shawn Mendes and Charlie Travers met are not publicly known. However, they were first spotted together in November 2023, indicating the beginning of their relationship around this time.

Marriage of Mendes and Charlie Travers

As of now, there is no information or indication that Shawn Mendes and Charlie Travers are married or engaged.

Children of Mendes and Charlie Travers

There are no reports or indications of Shawn Mendes and Charlie Travers having any children together.

Infidelity in the Relationship

There are no public allegations or reports of infidelity in the relationship between Shawn Mendes and Charlie Travers.

Duration of Relationship

Shawn Mendes and Charlie Travers have been romantically linked since November 2023, making their relationship relatively new.


Charlie Travers, known for her vibrant career in television, has recently been associated with Shawn Mendes, sparking interest in her personal life. Their relationship is still in the early stages, and fans are keenly watching this new development.

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FAQs about Charlie Travers
  1. What is Charlie Travers known for in her professional career?
    • Travers is known as a TV host, notably for her work in the Grammy web series On Location and the Permission Slip Podcast.
  2. Has Charlie Travers appeared in any reality TV shows?
    • Yes, she appeared on Big Brother 14 in the U.K. alongside her mother, making history as the first mother-daughter duo on the show.
  3. What is Charlie Travers’ relationship with her family?
    • Travers shares a close bond with her family, often posting about her brother Oliver and other family members on social media.
  4. How did Charlie Travers and Shawn Mendes’ relationship become public?
    • Their relationship became public following TMZ’s release of photos showing them together in Malibu, California.
  5. Has Charlie Travers been involved in any notable public events?
    • Yes, she has been seen on the red carpet and at public events, often accompanying Tyler Henry, star of Hollywood Medium.

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