Lo Bosworth Husband: Exploring Her Marital Status

Lo Bosworth Husband

Lo Bosworth, a former reality TV actress and entrepreneur, has intrigued fans with her personal life. This article explores her marital status, past relationships, and current endeavors.

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Who is Lo Bosworth?

Lo Bosworth is a former American reality TV actress, known for her appearances in “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” and “The Hills.” She has since transitioned into a businesswoman and author.

How Old is Lo Bosworth?

Born on September 29, 1986, Lo Bosworth is currently 37 years old. She has managed to maintain a youthful appearance through her wellness and fitness routines.


Lo Bosworth attended Laguna Beach High School and later earned a BA degree in Art History from UCLA. She also studied at the International Culinary Center in New York City.


Bosworth first gained fame on TV but later ventured into the health and beauty industry. She is the CEO and founder of Love Wellness, a feminine body care brand.

Lo Bosworth Husband

Lo Bosworth is not currently married and therefore does not have a husband. Her personal life, especially her romantic relationships, has been a subject of public interest.

Who is Lo Bosworth Dating?

Currently, there is no public information about Lo Bosworth dating anyone. She has kept her personal life private, especially after her reality TV fame.

Who is Jimmy DeCicco?

Jimmy DeCicco is a businessman known as the CEO of Super Coffee. He gained attention on the TV show “Shark Tank.” Bosworth was in a relationship with him but they have since parted ways.

Why did Lo and Scott Break Up?

Lo Bosworth and Scott Hochstadt ended their relationship due to differences in their life paths. The breakup was described as mutual and respectful.

How Long Have They Been Together?

Lo Bosworth and Scott Hochstadt were together for about two years before their breakup. The duration of her relationship with Jimmy DeCicco is not publicly known.

What Made Jimmy DeCicco Famous?

Jimmy DeCicco became famous for his appearance on “Shark Tank” and as the CEO of Super Coffee, a company specializing in healthy energy drinks.

What is Lo Bosworth Known For?

Lo Bosworth is known for her reality TV career and her successful transition into the health and wellness industry with her company, Love Wellness.

Is He Humble?

Information about Jimmy DeCicco’s traits, including humility, is not publicly documented. Bosworth herself has been known to focus on her business and personal growth.


Lo Bosworth’s journey from reality TV star to successful businesswoman and wellness advocate is inspiring. Her personal life, particularly her romantic relationships, has evolved over the years, reflecting her growth and changing priorities.

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FAQs about Lo Bosworth
  1. What is Lo Bosworth’s current relationship status? Lo Bosworth is currently not married and does not have a publicly known boyfriend.
  2. What businesses is Lo Bosworth involved in? She is the founder and CEO of Love Wellness.
  3. Has-Lo Bosworth written any books? Yes, she has authored a book titled “Love Yourself Well.”
  4. What is Lo Bosworth’s educational background? She has a BA in Art History from UCLA and culinary training from the International Culinary Center.
  5. Who are some of Lo Bosworth’s notable ex-boyfriends? She previously dated Scott Hochstadt and Jimmy DeCicco.

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