Howard Stern Parents: Radio’s Shock Jock Lineage

Howard Stern Parents

Exploring the roots of Howard Stern, the renowned American radio personality, we delve into the lives of his parents. Their influence significantly shaped Stern’s career in the broadcasting industry.

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Who is Howard Stern?

Howard Stern, born on January 12, 1954, is an American radio personality, author, and television host. Known for his controversial and outspoken style, Stern gained fame with his radio show, which was nationally syndicated from 1986 to 2005.

How old is Howard Stern?

As of 2023, Howard Stern is 69 years old. Over the decades, he has built a reputation as a “shock jock,” pushing the boundaries of traditional broadcasting.

Education and Career

Stern’s education began in Roosevelt, New York, and he later graduated from Boston University. His career in radio started in the 1970s, leading to his prominence as a unique and provocative voice on the airwaves.

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Howard Stern Parents

Howard Stern was born to Ben and Ray Stern. His father worked as a radio engineer, which had a profound influence on Howard’s interest in radio and entertainment.

Where do Howard Stern’s Parents Live?

Howard Stern’s parents originally lived in Queens, New York, before moving to Roosevelt, New York. The family’s background and living experiences influenced Howard’s perspective on life and entertainment.

Does Howard Stern have Siblings?

Yes, Howard Stern has an older sister named Ellen. Their relationship and family dynamics played a role in his upbringing and character development.

What is Howard Stern’s Parents’ Origin?

Howard Stern’s parents are Jewish, with family origins in Poland and Austria-Hungary. Their cultural heritage and experiences have been a topic of discussion on Stern’s shows.

Is Howard Stern Married?

Howard Stern has been married twice. He was first married to Alison Berns and later married Beth Ostrosky. His relationships and personal life are often subjects of his shows.

What is the Contribution of Howard Stern’s Parents to His Career?

Ben Stern’s work in radio engineering inspired Howard’s passion for broadcasting. The supportive environment provided by his parents played a crucial role in his pursuit of a radio career.


Howard Stern’s parents, especially his father’s background in radio, were instrumental in his journey to becoming one of the most recognizable voices in American radio history.

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FAQs about Howard Stern’s Parents
  1. What influence did Howard Stern’s father have on his career?
    • Ben Stern’s work in radio engineering profoundly inspired Howard’s interest in radio and broadcasting.
  2. What were the professions of Howard Stern’s parents?
    • His father was a radio engineer, and his mother worked as an office clerk before becoming a homemaker and later an inhalation therapist.
  3. How did Howard Stern’s family background shape his personality?
    • Stern’s upbringing in a Jewish family and the cultural dynamics of his household influenced his views and character.
  4. Where did Howard Stern grow up?
    • He grew up in Queens and later Roosevelt, New York, impacting his early life experiences.
  5. What role did Stern’s mother play in his life?
    • Ray Stern provided a nurturing environment, balancing the technical influence of his father with emotional support.

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