Charles Payne Wife: Financial Love with Yvonne Payne

Charles Payne Wife

Yvonne Payne, the wife of renowned TV personality and financial analyst Charles Payne, represents a blend of personal strength and literary talent. This article delves into the life of Yvonne Payne, exploring her journey alongside her husband, Charles Payne, host of “Making Money With Payne” on FOX Business.

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Who is Charles Payne’s Wife?

Yvonne Payne, born Yvonne Ammirati, is the life partner of Charles Payne. Known for her literary prowess as an American novelist and writer, Yvonne has carved out her own identity while also being recognized as the supportive wife of a prominent financial analyst.

How old is Charles Payne’s Wife?

Yvonne Payne was born on April 24, 1958, making her 65 years old. Her life experiences, coupled with her age, reflect a journey filled with personal growth, creative expression, and resilience.


While specific details about Yvonne Payne’s educational background are not publicly known, her accomplishments as a writer suggest a strong educational foundation, possibly in literature or a related field.


Yvonne Payne is an accomplished author, known for her engaging and well-received novels. Her writing career includes notable works like “Kritsotopoula: Girl of Kritsa” and its sequel, “Rodanthe’s Gift,” showcasing her talent and passion for storytelling.

Charles Payne Wife

Beyond her identity as Charles Payne’s wife, Yvonne stands out as an individual with her own achievements and contributions, particularly in the literary world. Her marriage to Charles has been a partnership of mutual support and shared life experiences.

How did they meet?

Yvonne and Charles Payne met during Charles’ time in the United States Air Force, stationed in Minot, North Dakota, in the early 1980s. Their meeting marked the beginning of a long-standing relationship that has endured through various life stages.

When did they get married?

Yvonne Payne and Charles Payne tied the knot in 2004 in a private ceremony attended by close friends and family. Their marriage legalized a union that had already been flourishing for years.

Do they have kids?

The couple has two children, a daughter named Cherie Payne, born in 1985, and a son, Charles Jr. Payne, born in 1996. Their children were born well before Yvonne and Charles officially married.

How long have they been married?

Yvonne and Charles Payne have been married for about two decades since 2004. However, their relationship extends far beyond their years of marriage, encompassing several decades of companionship.

What made her husband famous?

Charles Payne gained fame as a TV host and financial analyst, particularly known for hosting the show “Making Money With Payne” on FOX Business. His insightful financial commentary has made him a respected figure in the world of finance and media.

What is she known for?

Yvonne Payne is primarily known for her work as a novelist and writer. Her books have captivated readers, and her commitment to charitable causes, especially those related to organ donation, highlights her compassionate nature.

Is she humble?

Yvonne Payne’s humility is evident in her dedication to her craft and her low-profile lifestyle despite being married to a well-known media personality. Her focus on her writing and charitable work reflects a grounded and authentic character.


Yvonne Payne’s life alongside Charles Payne is a testament to enduring love, mutual respect, and individual accomplishment. Their journey together, coupled with Yvonne’s personal achievements and challenges, paints a picture of a partnership based on strength, support, and shared values.

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FAQs about Yvonne Payne
  1. Who is Yvonne Payne?
    • Yvonne Payne is an American novelist and the wife of Charles Payne.
  2. What are some of Yvonne Payne’s notable works?
    • Her books include “Kritsotopoula: Girl of Kritsa” and its sequel, “Rodanthe’s Gift.”
  3. How did Yvonne and Charles Payne meet?
    • They met while Charles was in the United States Air Force in North Dakota.
  4. What challenges has Yvonne Payne faced?
    • Yvonne survived a heart attack and heart transplant in 2012 and stood by Charles during his suspension from FOX.
  5. What causes is Yvonne Payne passionate about?
    • She is actively involved in charity work related to organ donation.

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