Aryan Khan Age: Growing Up in Bollywood Royalty

Aryan Khan Age

Aryan Khan Age: Growing Up in Bollywood Royalty

Aryan Khan, the son of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, has grown up amidst the glamour and scrutiny of Bollywood royalty. His life, shaped by the legacy of his famous parents, has been a blend of privilege, public attention, and personal achievements.

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Aryan Khan, known for his striking resemblance to his father, has ventured into business and filmmaking, carrying forward his family’s legacy in the entertainment industry with his own unique flair.

Early life

Born on November 13, 1997, in Mumbai, Aryan’s early life was a whirlwind of media attention and public fascination, being the first child of one of Bollywood’s most celebrated couples.


Aryan Khan received his education from prestigious institutions, including Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai and Sevenoaks School in England. He further honed his skills in cinematic arts at the University of Southern California.


While Aryan Khan has kept a low profile in terms of acting, he has shown interest in filmmaking and business. His career choices reflect a desire to carve his own path in the world of cinema and entrepreneurship.

Aryan Khan age

As of 2022, Aryan Khan is 25 years old. At this young age, he has already started making his mark, stepping out of his father’s shadow to establish his own identity.

Physical Stats & More

Aryan Khan stands tall at 5’ 11”, with a physique that reflects his keen interest in fitness and sports. His physical attributes, complemented by his dark brown eyes and black hair, add to his charismatic persona.

Relationships & More

Aryan Khan’s personal life has been a subject of speculation, with rumored relationships and friendships making headlines. However, he has maintained a relatively private life, focusing on his professional endeavors.

Aryan Khan Favourites

Aryan’s personal interests and favorites, though not publicly known, are believed to reflect a blend of his upbringing in a cosmopolitan environment and his exposure to diverse cultures during his education abroad.


Aryan Khan’s journey from the son of a Bollywood icon to a young businessman and filmmaker is a narrative of growing up in the limelight while trying to establish an independent identity. His future endeavors are eagerly awaited by both fans and the media.

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FAQs about Aryan Khan
  1. What are Aryan Khan’s educational qualifications?
    • Aryan Khan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cinematic Arts, and Television Production from the University of Southern California.
  2. What controversies has Aryan Khan been involved in?
    • Aryan has been involved in a few controversies, including rumors about his personal life and a legal issue regarding the possession and consumption of illegal substances.
  3. Has Aryan Khan shown interest in acting?
    • Despite being the son of a renowned actor, Aryan Khan has expressed more interest in filmmaking and business rather than acting.
  4. What are Aryan Khan’s recent business ventures?
    • Aryan Khan recently announced his involvement in a premium vodka brand and a luxury lifestyle collective, D’YAVOL.
  5. How does Aryan Khan deal with public attention?
    • Aryan Khan tends to maintain a low profile, often avoiding media attention and focusing on his personal and professional growth away from the limelight.

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