Abby Wambach Ex-Wife: Reflecting on Life with Sarah Huffman

Abby Wambach Ex-Wife

Sarah Huffman, the ex-wife of soccer legend Abby Wambach, is an accomplished former professional soccer player herself. Their relationship, set against the backdrop of their sporting careers, drew attention in the world of women’s soccer. This article delves into the life of Sarah Huffman, exploring her journey with Abby Wambach and her own professional achievements.

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Who is Abby Wambach’s Ex-Wife?

Abby Wambach’s ex-wife, Sarah Huffman, is known for her significant contributions to women’s soccer in the United States. As a former professional player, she made her mark in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and on various national teams.

How old is Abby Wambach’s Ex-Wife?

Born on March 5, 1984, Sarah Huffman is 39 years old as of 2023. Her career in soccer spanned several significant years, during which she achieved notable success.

Education of Sarah Huffman

Sarah Huffman attended the University of Virginia, where she had an illustrious soccer career. A four-year starter, she became one of the top players in the university’s history, achieving numerous accolades during her collegiate tenure.


Sarah Huffman’s soccer career is marked by her time with teams like Washington Freedom, Røa IL in Norway, and Portland Thorns FC in the NWSL. Her career highlights include winning the Norwegian Women’s Cup and contributing significantly to the teams she played for.

Abby Wambach Ex-Wife

As the wife of soccer star Abby Wambach, Sarah Huffman shared a life intertwined with sports and personal growth. Their relationship was a significant part of both their lives, garnering public interest due to their professional prominence.

How did Sarah Huffman and Abby Wambach Meet?

Details about the initial meeting between Sarah Huffman and Abby Wambach are not widely known. However, their shared involvement in professional soccer likely played a role in their paths crossing.

When did Sarah Huffman and Abby Wambach Get Married?

Sarah Huffman and Abby Wambach married on October 5, 2013, in Hawaii. Their wedding was a celebration of their love and shared life in sports.

Do Sarah Huffman and Abby Wambach Have Kids?

Sarah Huffman and Abby Wambach do not have any children together. Their relationship focused on their careers and personal development during their time together.

How Long Were Sarah Huffman and Abby Wambach Married?

Sarah Huffman and Abby Wambach were married for three years. Their marriage ended in 2016, with their divorce finalized in the same year.

What Made Abby Wambach Famous?

Abby Wambach gained fame as a professional soccer player, known for her incredible skill and achievements, including two Olympic gold medals and the FIFA World Cup. Her career as one of the most prolific international scorers in soccer history brought her into the limelight.

What is Sarah Huffman Known For?

Sarah Huffman is known for her successful soccer career, both at the collegiate level and professionally. She has been a part of various national teams and played a significant role in the teams she was part of during her playing career.

Is Sarah Huffman Humble?

Sarah Huffman is known for her humility and dedication to soccer. Despite her achievements and being in the public eye due to her marriage to Abby Wambach, she maintained a low profile, focusing on her passion for soccer.


Sarah Huffman’s journey as a professional soccer player and her marriage to Abby Wambach represent a significant chapter in the world of women’s sports. Her talent and personal experiences paint a picture of a dedicated athlete who contributed meaningfully to women’s soccer.

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FAQs about Sarah Huffman
  1. What were some career highlights of Sarah Huffman? Sarah Huffman’s career highlights include playing for Washington Freedom, winning the Norwegian Women’s Cup with Røa IL, and playing in the NWSL.
  2. How has Sarah Huffman contributed to women’s soccer? Sarah Huffman contributed to women’s soccer through her performances on various teams and her involvement in developing the sport.
  3. What is Sarah Huffman’s coaching career like? After retiring from professional soccer, Sarah Huffman served as a volunteer assistant coach at the University of Virginia, contributing her experience to the next generation of players.
  4. What role does soccer play in Sarah Huffman’s life post-retirement? Post-retirement, soccer remains a significant part of Sarah Huffman’s life through her coaching role and ongoing involvement in the sport.
  5. How did Sarah Huffman’s relationship with Abby Wambach impact her life? Sarah Huffman’s relationship with Abby Wambach brought her personal life into the public eye, intertwining her soccer career with a high-profile personal relationship.

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