Jim Irsay Net Worth: The Fortune of an NFL Team Owner

Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, is a prominent figure in the world of professional sports. This article explores Irsay’s net worth, delving into his background, career, and the various aspects that have contributed to his substantial wealth.

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Who is Jim Irsay?

Jim Irsay is an American businessman and NFL team owner. He is widely known for owning the Indianapolis Colts, a position he inherited from his father. Irsay’s involvement in the NFL extends beyond mere ownership; he is actively involved in the management and strategic direction of the team.

How Old is Jim Irsay?

Born on June 13, 1959, Jim Irsay is currently 64 years old. His journey in the NFL and business world spans several decades, marked by significant achievements and contributions to professional football.


Irsay’s educational background includes a degree in broadcast journalism from Southern Methodist University, where he also played as a walk-on linebacker for the SMU Mustangs football team. His education laid a foundational understanding of both sports and media, crucial elements in his later career.


Jim Irsay’s career is closely tied to the NFL. He was 12 when his father acquired the Baltimore Colts. After graduating from SMU in 1982, Irsay joined the Colts’ professional staff and quickly ascended to key management roles. He took over the team’s day-to-day management in 1995 after his father’s stroke and became the owner following his father’s death in 1997.

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Jim Irsay’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Jim Irsay’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 billion. This impressive wealth stems from his ownership of the Indianapolis Colts, alongside other business ventures and investments.

Wealth Accumulation

Jim Irsay’s wealth primarily comes from his ownership of the Colts, a franchise valued highly within the NFL. The team’s success on the field and Irsay’s business acumen have significantly increased the franchise’s value over the years.

Vegan Lifestyle

While not a strict vegan, Irsay has shown a leaning towards a vegan lifestyle, influenced by his girlfriend, Michelle Paul, a long-time vegan and animal rights activist. This lifestyle choice reflects Irsay’s personal values and his commitment to health and wellness.

Inheritance of Wealth

Jim Irsay inherited the Colts from his father, Robert Irsay, who had built a substantial fortune in heating and air-conditioning businesses. This inheritance was the cornerstone of Jim Irsay’s financial empire.

Guitar Collection Value

Irsay’s guitar collection, one of his passions, is reportedly worth over $1.15 billion. This collection includes historically significant and rare guitars, making it one of the most valuable of its kind.

Jerry Garcia’s Guitar Purchase

Among his prized possessions is Jerry Garcia’s guitar, which Irsay purchased for $957,500. This purchase is part of his broader interest in collecting unique and iconic musical instruments.

The Jim Irsay Band

Irsay’s love for music extends to his participation in the Jim Irsay Band, which includes renowned musicians like Kenny Aronoff, Billy Branch, and Michael Ramos. This band showcases Irsay’s personal passion for music and his talent as a musician.


Jim Irsay’s journey from inheriting the Colts to becoming a major NFL team owner and a billionaire is a story of passion, strategic business decisions, and a deep connection to professional football. His lifestyle choices and interests, including his impressive guitar collection, add unique dimensions to his persona.

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FAQs about Jim Irsay
  1. What is Jim Irsay’s role with the Indianapolis Colts? – He is the owner and actively involved in the team’s management.
  2. How did Jim Irsay acquire the Colts? – He inherited the team from his father, Robert Irsay.
  3. What are some of Jim Irsay’s notable investments outside football? – His most notable investment is his guitar collection, valued at over $1 billion.
  4. Has Jim Irsay made any significant contributions to music? – Yes, through his band and guitar collection, he has contributed significantly to the music world.
  5. What impact has Jim Irsay had on the NFL? – Irsay has been influential in the league, both through the Colts’ on-field success and his involvement in various NFL committees and initiatives.

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