Vijana Barubaru – Watangoja Sana

AUDIO Vijana Barubaru - Watangoja Sana MP3 DOWNLOAD

Kenyan artists Mshairi Spikes and Tuku Kantu, known collectively as “Vijana Barubaru” and famed in the worldwide Afro-Pop genre, have debuted their latest song, “Watangoja Sana.

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In their latest track “Watangoja Sana,” Vijana Barubaru continues their tradition of weaving themes of love, social issues, and the vibrancy of youth into their music. The lyrics of this song, playful yet profound, echo the cultural importance of patience and the passage of time, reflecting both personal and communal experiences. This blend of lightheartedness with deeper, resonant messaging highlights the duo’s adeptness at combining entertaining music with impactful storytelling.

Listen to, “Vijana Barubaru – Watangoja Sana” below;

AUDIO Vijana Barubaru – Watangoja Sana MP3 DOWNLOAD


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