Raquel Welch’s Ex-Husband: Untold Story of James Westley Welch

Raquel Welch's Ex-Husband: Untold Story of James Westley Welch

James Westley Welch, often overshadowed by the luminescence of his famous ex-wife Raquel Welch, had a life narrative that encompassed more than just his association with the iconic actress. Their love story, from teenage sweethearts to the complexities of adulthood, paints a poignant tale of dreams, aspirations, and the tests of time.

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Who is James Westley Welch?

James Westley Welch, known to friends and family as Jim, was more than just Raquel’s high school love. As the stepson of the founder of Fed Mart Corporation, he held a unique position during his school years, being one of the few with a car – a symbol of status and freedom.

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How old is James Westley Welch?

As of my last update in January 2022, exact details regarding James Westley Welch’s age were not explicitly mentioned. However, given that he met Raquel when both were 15, and considering Raquel was born in 1940, it can be inferred he was born around the same time.


While Raquel pursued academics with passion, James exhibited ambivalence. His senior year saw him taking the path less trodden by dropping out to embark on an adventure aboard a tuna clipper to Peru.


James Westley Welch carved a niche for himself in the world of publicity, assisting brands and companies to burgeon their presence. While the name of his employer remains undisclosed, he was reputed to be affiliated with a significant entity in the business.

When did they meet?

The foundation of their love story was laid when the two were just 15, in a classroom at La Jolla High School.

Why was James Raquel’s “Prince Charming”?

Despite having few common interests, their young love was passionate and intense, leading Raquel to refer to James as her ‘Prince Charming.’ Their connection was such that even their silences spoke volumes, especially when they danced.

How long did James and Raquel’s marriage last?

Their marriage was a brief episode in both their lives, lasting only from 1959 to 1964. However, it bore the fruits of love in the form of their two children, Damon and Tahnee.

When did James and Raquel separate?

The couple began their separate journeys in 1962, finalizing their divorce in 1964.

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Did James and Raquel not meet for 15 years post-separation?

Yes, post their separation, the two did not see each other for a stretch of 15 years. Their reunion in 1977 was a reminiscent affair, revolving primarily around their children.

Where Is He Now?

Details about James’s current whereabouts or endeavors remain scanty. While his ex-wife Raquel was always in the limelight, James preferred a life away from the glitz and glamour.

Did Raquel Welch have multiple marriages?

Following her union with James, Raquel Welch entered into matrimony three more times. She exchanged vows with American film producer Patrick Curtis in 1967, but by 1972, the couple had parted ways.

In 1980, Welch found love again with film and television producer André Weinfeld. However, their journey together concluded in 1990. She gave marriage another shot in 1999 with Richie Palmer, known for his role in The Nutty Professor. Yet, by 2008, they too had separated.

Reports suggest that Welch was single at the time of her passing.


James Westley Welch might primarily be known to the world as Raquel Welch’s first husband, but his life was a tapestry of roles – as a loving partner, a doting father, a successful publicist, and later, a real estate tycoon. While the world may remember Raquel for her unparalleled legacy in Hollywood, James remains a significant chapter in her personal narrative.

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FAQs About James Westley Welch:
  1. Who was James Westley Welch?
    • James Westley Welch, also known as Jim, was a publicist and Raquel Welch’s first husband.
  2. When did James and Raquel get married?
    • The couple tied the knot in 1959.
  3. How long were James and Raquel married?
    • Their marriage spanned from 1959 to 1964.
  4. Did James have children with Raquel?
    • Yes, they had two children, Damon and Tahnee Welch.
  5. What was James’s profession?
    • James worked as a publicist and agent, aiding brands and companies in their publicity efforts.

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