Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline

Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline

European football has given us countless memorable matches over the years, and the head-to-head matchups between FC Porto and Inter Milan hold their own special place in the annals of the game. These two powerhouses have gone toe-to-toe on 6 occasions since 2005, producing a unique storyline of rivalry and competition.

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A Brief Overview

The head-to-head record between FC Porto and Inter Milan reveals that they’ve met a total of six times. Inter Milan emerges as the dominant side, securing 4 victories compared to FC Porto’s lone win. The remaining game ended in a draw.

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These encounters have resulted in FC Porto netting 7 goals, averaging 1.2 goals per game. Inter Milan, on the other hand, managed 10 goals, an average of 1.7 goals per match.

Venues and Competitions

The iconic Estádio do Dragão, FC Porto’s home ground, has witnessed three of these matches, with a split of 1 win for Porto, 1 for Inter Milan, and 1 draw. San Siro, the legendary home of Inter Milan, has hosted 3 fixtures, all of which saw the Nerazzurri emerge victorious.

The clubs have also locked horns in the Amsterdam Tournament once, which ended in a draw. But the most intense battles have been in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), where they have faced each other five times.

Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline
  • On February 22, 2023, in the UCL, the teams battled to a 0-0 draw at half-time. Inter Milan finally broke the deadlock, winning the match 1-0.
  • In the Amsterdam Tournament on August 5, 2006, the game recorded the biggest aggregate, as well as the highest scoreline for both teams, ending in a thrilling 3-3 draw.
  • The Champions League tie on November 1, 2005, saw Inter Milan edge past Porto with a 2-1 scoreline, after being 0-1 down at halftime. Interestingly, the return leg on October 19, 2005, saw FC Porto retaliate with a 2-0 victory.
MetricOverallEstádio do DragãoSan Siro/Giuseppe MeazzaAmsterdam TournamentUCL
Total Matches63315
FC Porto Wins11001
Inter Milan Wins41313
Total Score17710
Recent Form

FC Porto’s recent form leading up to their encounters sees them with 3 wins and 2 losses in their last 5 games. Their win probability stands at 60%, with a 20% Asian Handicap Win rate and 20% of their games going over the total goals.

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Inter Milan’s form mirrors Porto’s win rate with 3 wins in their last 5 outings. They have also drawn 1 and lost 1, giving them a 60% win probability. Their matches tend to have more goals, with 40% going over the total goals mark.

Upcoming Fixtures

As the two sides gear up for more challenges, FC Porto looks forward to fixtures against teams like Vitoria Guimaraes in the Primera Liga and Royal Antwerp in the UCL. Meanwhile, Inter Milan is set to square off against heavyweights such as Atalanta in Serie A and Red Bull Salzburg in the UCL.

In Conclusion

The tale of FC Porto vs Inter Milan is far from over. Each match is a new chapter, a testament to their resilience, talent, and the unpredictable nature of football. As fans eagerly await their next encounter, the history of their past meetings remains a topic of many footballing discussions. Updated as of October 9, 2023, this saga promises more thrill, skill, and drama in the days to come.

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FAQs: Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline
  1. Which club had a significant victory in the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1965? FC Porto had a significant victory in the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1965.
  2. When did Inter Milan achieve a historic treble? Inter Milan won the Serie A, the Coppa Italia, and the UEFA Champions League in the 2010-2011 season, achieving a historic treble.
  3. Which year did FC Porto win the UEFA Champions League under Jose Mourinho? Under the direction of Jose Mourinho, FC Porto won the UEFA Champions League in 2004.
  4. How many times have FC Porto and Inter Milan played each other since 2005? Since 2005, FC Porto and Inter Milan have played each other a total of 6 times.
  5. Out of their recent matches since 2005, how many has Inter Milan won? Out of the 6 matches since 2005, Inter Milan has won 4.
  6. How many times have FC Porto and Inter Milan faced each other in the UEFA Champions League (UCL)? FC Porto and Inter Milan have played against each other 5 times in the UEFA Champions League.

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