What is TikTok’s Double Dyed Coke piercing? Everything you need to know

Double Dyed Coke piercing

TikTok users are buzzing with excitement and confusion over a recent video posted by user @ephemeral_remy. In the clip, which was shared on the Fourth of July, the heavily tattooed and pierced user responds to the question, “What was your most painful procedure?” However, his answer has left the online community perplexed and intrigued at the same time.

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In the video, he mentions something called a ‘double dyed coke piercing,’ which upon closer examination seems to be a reference to a ‘double dydoe piercing.’ The enigmatic nature of his response has ignited curiosity and sparked discussions among viewers.

What is TikTok’s Double Dyed Coke piercing?

On the Fourth of July, popular TikTok creator ephemeral_remy responded to a viewer’s comment asking about their most painful body modification procedure. The creator mentioned something called the “double dyed coke piercings” as their most excruciating experience. Unfortunately, the video was not accompanied by a caption, leaving viewers puzzled about the exact meaning of this term.

Due to the absence of clarity, different interpretations emerged among the TikTok community. Some understood it as “Double Dyed Coke,” while others thought they heard “Double Diet Coke.” This confusion led to various attempts to search for the term on Google. One user humorously commented, “I googled double diet coke piercing so confidently,” highlighting the uncertainty surrounding the correct phrase. Another user requested captions to facilitate their search, as they kept looking up “double diet Coke piercing.”

To address the misunderstanding, one user clarified that the intended term might be “Double Dydoe,” offering some clarity to those curious about the piercing in question.

Despite the lack of subtitles in the video, fans were determined to decipher the meaning of the creator’s statement. Some attempted to search for the exact term used, realizing it was not a common phrase encountered every day.

What it actually means

In the viral video, the TikToker actually mentions a ‘double dydoe piercing,’ not a ‘double dyed coke piercing.’

The double dydoe piercing refers to a specific type of male genital body piercing that involves passing through the ridged edge of the glans (head) of the male genitalia.

Typically performed in pairs, dydoe piercings are customized based on the individual’s anatomy.

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According to information from Infinite Body, this piercing requires the individual to have a flared glans to allow the piercer to attempt the procedure. It’s worth noting that the website advises against this piercing for uncircumcised individuals.

What are other painful piercings?

According to Refinery29, genital piercings were ranked as the most painful piercings one can get. Following closely behind are nipple piercings, which renowned celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson expressed as particularly painful in his own experience. He noted that men tend to find nipple piercings more challenging to endure compared to women.

Other piercings known for their discomfort include cartilage and nose piercings. Thompson explained that nose piercings can cause some discomfort due to the abundance of nerves in the area, as the nose is connected to our senses. However, the pain is typically mild, although one may experience watering eyes during the process.

On the other hand, piercings such as the lobe and navel are generally considered less painful. Thompson described the lobe as a soft, spongy, fatty area of the ear, making it relatively easy to pierce. However, if multiple piercings are desired, the subsequent ones in the same area may cause more discomfort than the initial one.

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