Milka Koech – Tun Kirirtoen

AUDIO Milka Koech - Tun Kirirtoen MP3 DOWNLOAD

Milka Koech, a prominent Kalenjin singer hailing from Bomet County, has recently released a new song titled “Tun Kirirtoen.”

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While “Tun Kirirtoen” celebrates universal themes of resilience and unity, it also remains deeply rooted in Kalenjin culture. The song carries elements of traditional Kalenjin music and folklore, adding an authentic and enriching dimension to the composition. This blend of modern sound and cultural identity is a testament to the artist’s dedication to preserving her heritage.

Listen to, “Milka Koech – Tun Kirirtoen” below;

AUDIO Milka Koech – Tun Kirirtoen MP3 DOWNLOAD


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