Who is Zion David Marley? All About Lauryn Hill’s son

Zion David Marley

Zion David Marley has gained recognition as the offspring of two prominent American musicians, Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley. Born on August 3, 1997, he is currently 25 years old.

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Zion’s mother, Lauryn Hill, is a distinguished American actress and singer, celebrated as one of the nation’s most impactful vocalists and rappers. A notable highlight of Lauryn’s career was her membership in the widely acclaimed R&B group ‘The Fugees,’ which garnered substantial popularity during the 1990s. A testament to their connection, she dedicated one of her most iconic singles, titled “To Zion,” to her beloved son.

Profile Summary
Full nameZion David Marley
Date of birth3 August 1997
Age25 years old (as of June 2023)
Zodiac signLeo
Place of birthSouth Orange, New Jersey, United States of America
Current residenceUnited States of America
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourDark brown
MotherLauryn Noelle Hill
FatherRohan Anthony Marley
Relationship statusDating
Net worth$1 million – $5 million
Early Life of Zion David Marley

Zion entered the world in the United States of America as the child of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley. Lauryn, his mother, is renowned as one of the foremost female rappers, celebrated for hits like “Turn Your Lights Down Low” and “Ready or Not.” On the other hand, his father, Rohan Anthony, is an entrepreneur and former college football player, and he’s one of the sons of the legendary reggae icon Bob Marley.

Regarding Zion David Marley’s siblings, he holds the position of the eldest among the five children born to Lauryn Hill and Rohan Anthony. Within this familial dynamic, he counts two brothers, Joshua Omaru and John Nesta, alongside two sisters, Selah and Sara. Furthermore, his family includes three half-siblings: Mica Hill from his mother’s previous relationship, and Eden and David from his father’s other connections.

When it comes to the marital status of Zion David Marley’s parents, it’s important to note that Rohan and Lauryn were never officially wed. However, they shared a sporadic relationship that spanned from 1996 to 2009. Despite not having formalized their union through marriage, Hill would occasionally refer to Rohan as her husband.

Zion David Marley’s parents

Lauren Hill recognized as an American singer-songwriter, rapper, actress, and record producer, ascended to prominence in 1997 following her solo music debut. Some of her notable tracks include “Killing Me Softly,” “Ready or Not,” and “Ex-Factor.” Her acting credits also extend to a collaborative appearance with Whoopi Goldberg in the movie “Sister Act 2.”

Zion’s father is Rohan Anthony Marley, who entered the world on May 19, 1972. Distinguished as one of the progeny of the late reggae luminary Bob Marley, Anthony carved his own path. He transitioned from college to the realm of professional sports, donning the mantle of a former football player. As a linebacker, he showcased his skills for the University of Miami’s football team. Beyond his athletic ventures, he co-founded Marley Coffee, a venture specializing in organic coffee, which adds to his multifaceted profile.

Zion’s parents’ narrative unfolds in the 1990s when they crossed paths and their relationship sparked into existence. Following their introduction, they embarked on a romantic journey. During this time, their union yielded the blessing of five children. However, their romantic chapter eventually came to a close, resulting in Lauren and Anthony parting ways after a 15-year companionship.

Zion David Marley’s wife

Currently, he is not married. Nevertheless, he maintains a committed relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Tania. They opt to keep certain facets of their relationship private, thereby leaving undisclosed the finer points of their connection in the digital realm. Together, Zion and Tania embrace the role of parents, nurturing their two children.

Zion David Marley’s children

Rohan’s offspring has transitioned into the role of a father, with two children named Zephaniah and Azariah Genesis. His journey into parenthood commenced with the birth of his first child in 2017, subsequently followed by the arrival of his daughter Azariah in 2021. These cherished moments unfolded within the context of his relationship with his girlfriend, Tania.

Lauryn Hill’s Career and Net Worth

Zion’s mother, Lauryn Hill, boasts an approximate net worth of $9 million. Her substantial earnings find their roots in her triumphant music journey, lucrative tours, and strategic partnerships with renowned brands. Lauryn’s exceptional talent and creative prowess have translated into a remarkable accumulation of approximately $25 million, stemming from album sales, merchandise, and successful tours.


Regrettably, in 2013, Lauryn Hill confronted legal challenges that led to her serving a three-month prison sentence. This predicament emerged subsequent to her admission of guilt for failing to fulfill tax obligations spanning multiple prior years. Specifically, the period from 2005 to 2009 marked her failure to remit taxes, culminating in an accumulated debt exceeding $1 million.

Zion David Marley, the grandson of the iconic Bob Marley, originates from a lineage steeped in a rich musical heritage. Born to Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, he has matured in an environment replete with love and encouragement, emanating from his expansive and talented family.

Embracing a thriving career in both modeling and music, Zion has embarked on a unique trajectory that concurrently honors the legacy of his legendary grandfather. His ongoing impact within the entertainment sphere augurs an expansion of his net worth and accomplishments, thus augmenting the unparalleled musical heritage of the Marley family.

Zion Marley’s net worth

Zion’s net worth is roughly estimated to be around $1.5 million, derived from his pursuits in both modeling and music. Unfortunately, details regarding the specific brands he has collaborated with are not available.

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