Who is Steven Assanti? What happened to him from My 600-Lb Life

Who is Steven Assanti? What happened to him from My 600-Lb Life

Steven Assanti gained recognition as an American reality TV figure, prominently featured in various American reality television programs such as My 600-lb Life and Dr. Phil: House of Hatred.

Steven AssantI Profile Summary

Full nameSteven John Assanti
Date of birth2 Dec 1981
Age41 (as of 2023)
Place of birthProvidence, Rhode Island, United States
ResidenceIowa, United States
Height 5’6”/ 167cm
Weight 518lbs/234kg
PartnerStephanie Sanger
ProfessionReality TV Personality
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Who Is Steven Assanti?

Born as Steven John Assanti on December 2, 1981 (making him 41 years old as of 2023) in Providence, Rhode Island, United States, this individual grew up alongside his brother, Justin Assanti, in the same city.

The brothers faced challenges early on, as their parents’ divorce when Steven was eleven and Justin was five led them to move in with their mother. Tragically, their new living situation exposed them to significant abuse from their mother’s boyfriend.

In response to these difficulties, Steven turned to food as a coping mechanism. However, this coping strategy transformed into an unhealthy eating habit, fueling his growing greed for food.

Despite using food as a source of comfort, he was unable to effectively address the underlying issues he was facing. This struggle with emotional turmoil eventually manifested in his weight, leading Steven’s body to balloon to an astonishing 800 pounds.

Steven Assanti Career

In 2007, Steven made his television debut, emerging onto the screen while battling obesity and harboring a strong aversion towards individuals with a lean physique. This distinct combination prompted an invitation from Dr. Phil, who featured him on an episode named “Dr. Phil’s House of Hatred.” During his time on the show, Assanti portrayed various facets of his persona, capturing the attention of numerous reality TV producers and network decision-makers.

In this Monday, Oct. 12, 2015 photo, Steven Assanti, 33, rests in bed at Kent Hospital in Warwick, R.I. Assanti, of Cranston and who weighs nearly 800 pounds, said he was kicked out of another hospital for ordering pizza. Assanti said he is determined to slim down and hopes to eventually drop to 180 pounds. He said a surgeon read about him and offered to fly him to Texas to help him lose weight so he can have gastric bypass surgery. (AP Photo/Jennifer McDermott)

In 2015, Steven’s presence garnered attention once again when he appeared on a local news broadcast. The focus of interest primarily revolved around his remarkable weight, which had reached a staggering 800 pounds. This conspicuous aspect of his identity caught the eyes of TLC executives, aligning with the theme of their show titled “My 600-lb Life.”

Subsequently, Steven was spotlighted in the fifth season of “My 600-lb Life.” However, his initial impression of the audience was far from favorable. His demeanor turned off many viewers, and he exhibited resistance to adhering to the prescribed dietary regimen. This attitude created challenges for Dr. Nowzaradan, who even issued a threat of removal from the show due to Steven’s obstinacy.

During the course of his appearance on the show, Steven grappled with an addiction to painkillers. The medical team associated with the show made the decision to remove him from the program and facilitate his entry into a rehabilitation program. Regrettably, Steven Assanti did not seize the potentially transformative chance to embark on a weight loss journey.

However, he ultimately opted for a sleeve surgery, a significant step that led to substantial weight loss. Through this process, he successfully shed excess pounds, marking a turning point in his ongoing struggle.

Steven Assanti’s Turn After Weight Loss

Following his departure from “My 600-lb Life,” Steven Assanti opted for a more private existence. However, he had by that point cultivated a substantial following, which provided him with a platform to establish a YouTube channel. Through this channel, he shared live events and connected with his audience.

In 2018, Assanti’s path crossed with Stephanie Sanger, a woman he met online, and he openly expressed his affection for her. The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 brought a significant turn of events. On Christmas Eve of that year, Steven contracted the virus. In response to his evident symptoms, he sought medical attention, leading to the discovery of his concurrent battle with pneumonia.

Thankfully, Steven managed to overcome both these health challenges, expressing gratitude to his followers for their support during his recovery. Despite these trials, Steven’s weight loss progress remained relatively stagnant after his departure from the show. He has maintained his weight at approximately 500 pounds, not experiencing a significant reduction in weight.

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Who is Steven Assanti’s spouse?

The reality TV figure is partnered with Stephanie Sanger, whom he encountered during one of his social media live events. Although they haven’t formally tied the knot, they share a committed relationship and a close connection.

Does Steven Assanti have Kids?

No, the American reality television personality has become a parent, neither with his current partner nor with anyone else.

Steven Assanti Net Worth

Approximately $1.5 million is the estimated value of his net worth.

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