Who is Ricardo Joel Gomez? All About Selena Gomez’s father

Who is Ricardo Joel Gomez? All About Selena Gomez's father

Ricardo Joel Gomez, the father of American singer Selena Gomez, has largely remained out of the public eye, leaving fans curious about his life and whereabouts. As the singer’s documentary “Selena Gomez: My Mind And Me” is released, the spotlight turns to the enigmatic figure of Ricardo Joel Gomez.

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In this article, we will delve into the early life of this ex-Disney Channel royalty and shed light on what has become of Selena Gomez’s father. We aim to uncover the details of his biography, age, marital status, and net worth, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the man who has played a significant role in shaping Selena’s life and career.

Who is Ricardo Joel Gomez?

Ricardo Joel Gomez is a Mexican-American personality known for being the father of the famous singer and songwriter, Selena Gomez. He was born on March 6, 1975, to Mexican parents and celebrates his birthday on this date every year.

In a 2013 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Selena fondly reminisced about their special moments together, including watching San Antonio Spurs games at Hooters when she was just seven years old.

Despite any past challenges, it seems that Selena and her father have grown closer over the years. Ricardo often shares heartfelt messages about Selena on his Instagram account, expressing the depth of his love and bond with his daughter.

Ricardo Joel Gomez Career

Ricardo Joel Gomez is known as Selena Gomez’s father, a prominent TV personality, singer, and actress. Selena’s career began with “Barney & Friends” and soared with her lead role in “Wizards of Waverly Place.” She has starred in various films and lent her voice to “Hotel Transylvania” as Mavis.

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Selena’s talents also extend to executive producing shows like “13 Reasons Why” and “Living Undocumented,” and starring in “Selena + Chef” and “Only Murders in the Building.” Her multifaceted career has made her a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

Ricardo Joel Gomez business and investments

In 2019, he founded the production company “Ricardo Joel Productions” with a focus on creating films and TV shows. Notably, his daughter Selena Gomez is also actively involved in the company as an executive producer, showcasing their shared passion for the entertainment industry.

In the past, Ricardo had ventured into the restaurant business. He co-owned the renowned Tex-Mex cuisine restaurant named “El Arco Iris” located in Grand Prairie, Texas. Unfortunately, the restaurant faced financial challenges, leading to its closure in 2013.

Beyond these ventures, Ricardo Joel Gomez maintains a private profile regarding his other business and investment activities. While there may be more projects and endeavors that he is involved in, they remain undisclosed from public information sources.

As an entrepreneur with an evident interest in both entertainment and hospitality industries, Ricardo’s future business ventures and investments remain a topic of curiosity and interest among fans and followers.

Ricardo Joel Gomez relationships

Ricardo Joel Gomez, previously married to Amanda Dawn Cornett, who is Selena Gomez’s mother, tied the knot in their late teens. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce when Selena was only five years old. Despite the separation, Ricardo and Amanda have remained involved in their daughter’s life, providing support throughout her successful career.

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Apart from his relationship with Selena’s mother, Ricardo is also a father to two other children, Victoria Gomez, and Marcus Gomez. He shares special moments with his children, attending events together, and occasionally sharing pictures of them on his social media.

Beyond his family connections, Ricardo shares a close bond with his daughter Selena. He has been a staunch supporter of her career since the beginning and has been seen accompanying her to various events. Selena has openly expressed the impact her father has had on her life and career, highlighting their strong relationship.

Selena Gomez’s parents divorced when she was five

Her parents are Mandy Teefey, a former stage actress, and Ricardo Joel Gomez, whom Mandy met while they were attending the same Texas high school. Despite her parents marrying soon after Selena’s birth, their relationship eventually ended, leading to their divorce when Selena was just five years old. Following the divorce, Selena primarily lived with her mother, Mandy, as her father, Ricardo, was mostly absent from her life.

During this time, the family faced financial challenges, with Mandy working multiple jobs to make ends meet. Fortunately, Selena’s grandparents played a significant role in providing support and helping raise her.

In a 2011 E! Entertainment special, Selena opened up about her feelings during that period, expressing a desire to have her parents together. She recalled feeling anger towards her mom, a feeling she later regretted.

Since then, both of Selena’s parents have remarried, and she now has two half-siblings. Despite the challenges she faced in her childhood, Selena Gomez has risen to become a successful and influential figure in the entertainment industry.

Ricardo Joel Gomez famous controversies

Ricardo Joel Gomez has managed to stay out of the spotlight when it comes to major controversies. He has maintained a low profile throughout his daughter Selena Gomez’s career and has not been involved in any headline-grabbing or controversial actions or statements.

While there have been some minor controversies surrounding Selena Gomez, such as her high-profile relationship with Justin Bieber and her public struggles with mental health, these issues do not directly involve Ricardo Joel Gomez. He has remained separate from any controversies related to his daughter’s personal or professional life.

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Ricardo Dealt with Racism in His Life

Throughout his life, Ricardo Joel Gomez, who is of Mexican descent, encountered instances of racism. Selena Gomez, his daughter, candidly discussed some of these experiences in a 2021 interview with Elle magazine. She recounted how her dad would frequently be pulled over by authorities without reason, despite not engaging in any wrongdoing most of the time.

In another incident, while attending a Shania Twain concert in Dallas, a stranger subjected Ricardo to mistreatment and derogatory remarks. Selena felt a surge of anger and wanted to retaliate, but her father advised her against reacting and emphasized the importance of remaining composed.

Ricardo’s experiences with racism have been challenging, but he has instilled in his daughter the wisdom of handling such situations with grace and restraint.

Facts about Ricardo Joel Gomez

Here are some lesser-known and intriguing facts about Ricardo Gomez, the father of Selena Gomez:

  1. Selena Gomez’s Perception: Selena has attributed the blame for her parents’ divorce to her mother, as she expressed a desire for a united family when she was just 5 years old.
  2. Media Controversies: Ricardo has faced media controversies concerning his parenting abilities, which have been a subject of public discussion.
  3. Second Marriage: Ricardo’s second spouse is Sara Gomez, who is six years younger than him. They tied the knot in an extravagant wedding event in the US back in 2012.
  4. Daughter from Second Marriage: From his second marriage with Sara, Ricardo has a daughter named Victoria Gomez (Tori Gomez), who celebrated her sixth birthday in 2020.
  5. Praised by Sara Gomez: Rick’s wife, Sara, speaks highly of him, describing him as a perfect husband and responsible father. She praises his loyalty, honesty, compassion towards others, sense of humor, and his dedication to taking care of the family’s needs.
  6. Love for Basketball: Ricardo is an avid basketball enthusiast, and his favorite team is the San Antonio Spurs. In his school days, he held the position of junior captain on his school’s basketball team.
  7. Culinary Skills: Ricardo is a skilled cook who enjoys preparing a variety of dishes, including Chicken-fried steak, Fried Okra, Tex-Mex Cheese Enchiladas, Chile Con Queso, Brisket Tacos, and Frozen Margaritas.
  8. Spiritual and Religious Beliefs: Ricardo is a person of strong spiritual and religious convictions. He believes in the religion of humanity, advocating that it should take precedence over other sects and religions.
  9. Giving Back: Ricardo actively practices tithing and donates to the local church.
  10. Luxurious Villa: Ricardo and Sara Gomez own a magnificent villa in the US, boasting cascading terraces, several bedrooms, an indoor pool, an outdoor kitchen, a wine cellar, stone fireplaces, and plush velvet sofas. It stands as one of the most opulent properties in America.

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