Who is Noel Deyzel? What happens to the Bodybuilder and fitness influencer

Noel Deyzel

Noel Deyzel, a prominent figure from South Africa, wears multiple hats as a fitness coach, businessman, social media star, and influencer. Notably, he has made a name for himself in the realm of heavyweight bodybuilding, earning recognition from the International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness (IFBB).

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Under the alias “Daddy Noel,” he has garnered significant internet fame, amassing a sizable following on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Across these platforms, Noel is best known for sharing a diverse range of content, including workout routines, nutritional advice, lifestyle vlogs, and motivational videos centered around bodybuilding. His engaging presence and valuable content have solidified his position as an internet sensation.

Profile Summary
Full nameNoel Deyzel
Date of birth30th September 1984
Age38 years in 2022
Birth signLibra
Place of birthJohannesburg, South Africa
Current residenceJohannesburg
NationalitySouth African
HeightApprox 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m)
WeightApprox 286 pounds (130 kg)
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourGrey
Sexual orientationOpenly gay
Relationship statusNot known
ParentsMother Colleen Warwick
SiblingsTwo sisters, Tanzel and Chantel Rose
ProfessionIFBB heavyweight bodybuilder, fitness content creator, entrepreneur
Social mediaYouTubeTikTokFacebookInstagramTwitter
Noel Deyzel’s biography

Noel Deyzel, widely recognized as Daddy Noel, was born on September 30, 1984, in South Africa. His early life was marred by the hardships of an abusive home, with his mother named Mariola Colleen. However, there is little information available about his father, except that he was incarcerated.

Growing up, Noel had a sister who is two years older than him, though her identity remains undisclosed. Being a native South African, he celebrated his 37th birthday in September 2021.


Noel Deyzel’s journey includes notable employment at GloCell from March 2002 to February 2007, where he held various positions as the company’s creative director, provincial director, and innovative director.

In addition to his corporate pursuits, Noel Deyzel is an accomplished IFBB bodybuilder, having commenced his bodybuilding journey at the age of 21. His decision to venture into bodybuilding was partly influenced by past experiences of bullying due to his body structure. Today, he has transformed into a fitness mentor, sharing valuable tips and insights with his social media followers.

With a significant online presence, Deyzel has amassed an impressive following. On Instagram, he boasts over 1.5 million followers, and his TikTok account has soared to more than 4 million followers, garnering a staggering 108.5 million likes on his videos. Moreover, his YouTube channel, launched on March 5, 2008, showcases visual content akin to what he shares on TikTok and Instagram, accumulating over 260 million likes. Notably, Noel Deyzel has also been appointed as the brand ambassador for YoungLA, a prominent fitness clothing brand.

Furthermore, demonstrating his entrepreneurial prowess, Noel Deyzel is the mastermind behind Deyzel Industries, a venture centered on workout and eating plans, along with the sale of merchandise. His dedication to the fitness industry has left an indelible mark on social media and beyond.

Here’s what really happened to Noel Deyzel.

Noel’s concerned fans received some valuable insights into his well-being through the posts he shared on his Instagram account. The bodybuilder posted a picture of himself along with a caption revealing that he was scheduled for surgery within the next 24 hours. He mentioned that it would be an interesting few weeks for him and promised to keep everyone updated while expressing gratitude for their support. The reported reason for Noel’s surgery was to address his diastasis recti, a condition that caused a two-and-a-half-inch split between his abdominal walls.

Subsequently, Noel shared his frustrations about having to take a break from his intense fitness and dieting routine due to the surgery. He acknowledged that his recovery time would limit his activities and admitted to feeling some anxiety before the operation.

Despite his worries, Noel made sure to express his heartfelt appreciation to his fans for flooding his comment section with well-wishes and support.

This was not the first instance where Noel had to undergo intensive medical attention. In 2020, he faced a challenging bicep injury that he described as the “most difficult moment of his career.” Through an Instagram post, Noel candidly opened up about the realities of the post-surgery aftermath. He conveyed the emotional impact of undergoing surgery to address an injury that left him feeling as if his world was crashing down. However, with determination and perseverance, he managed to recover from both surgeries and continue his fitness journey.

Know more about Diastasis recti what is it precisely?

Diastasis recti surgery is most commonly performed on pregnant individuals or those who are in the postpartum phase. This condition involves the separation or tearing of the rectus abdominis muscles, commonly referred to as the “six-pack” abdominal muscles, which often occur during pregnancy due to the significant stretching of body tissues.

As a result of this muscle separation, individuals who have given birth may notice their stomach protruding more than usual. In essence, the widening of the space between the left and right stomach muscles leads to the outward appearance of the stomach.

While Noel chose the surgical approach to address his diastasis recti, there are alternative methods such as exercise and physical therapy that can aid in the healing of the torn muscles. These non-invasive approaches can be effective in restoring the strength and functionality of the abdominal muscles.

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