Who is Lakiha Spicer? All About Mike Tyson’s wife

Who is Lakiha Spicer? All About Mike Tyson’s wife

Lakiha Spicer gained notoriety as the wife of the renowned American boxer, Mike Tyson, who recently made a comeback in the sports industry. While Tyson’s life has always been fascinating, from his boxing achievements to his personal life, many were intrigued to know more about his new partner. In this bio, we will delve into some of the most captivating details about Lakiha Spicer, Tyson’s third wife.

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Profile summary
Real NameLakiha Spicer
Date of birthJune 11, 1977
Age44 years (as of 2021)
Zodiac signGemini
Place of birthPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Current residenceSeven Hills, Nevada
Fluent inEnglish
Marital statusMarried
Height (ft)5 ft 5 in
Height (cm)165
Weight (kg)55
Weight (lbs)121
Lakiha Spicer’s biography

Lakiha Spicer, also known as Kiki, was born into a mixed ethnicity family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Her parents, Shamsud-Din Ali and Faridah Ali, were African-American Muslims, and her father was a well-known imam at the Philadelphia Masjid, an influential Muslim mosque in West Philadelphia.

Along with Lakiha, they also had a son named Azheem Spicer, who is three years older than his sister. Although her birth date is mentioned earlier, it is June 11, 1977.

How old is Kiki Tyson?

Lakiha Spicer, the wife of Mike Tyson, was born on June 11th, 1977, which makes her 44 years old as of 2021. Her zodiac sign is Gemini.


Lakiha Spicer, the wife of Mike Tyson, completed her high school education from a local school in Philadelphia.

Lakiha Kiki Spicer and Mike Tyson’s relationship

Lakiha Spicer is married to the famous boxer, Mike Tyson. Although the couple’s marriage was initially kept private, it eventually became public knowledge. Before Spicer, Tyson had been married twice, to Robin Givens and Monica Turner.

Interestingly, Lakiha has been a boxing fan since her childhood. Her father’s friendship with the legendary boxing promoter Don King gave her the opportunity to watch boxing matches live, which fueled her passion for the sport.

When did Lakiha Spicer marry Mike Tyson?

On June 9th, 2009, Kiki and Mike Tyson exchanged their vows in a private ceremony at the La Bella Wedding Chapel, located at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel.

Following her marriage to the legendary boxer, Lakiha converted from Islam to Christianity and changed her name to Kiki Tyson.

Where does the celebrity couple live?

Mike Tyson and his wife, Kiki Tyson, currently reside in Seven Hills, located in Henderson, Nevada. The couple owns a luxurious six-bedroom home, which they purchased in 2016 for a reported $2.5 million.

The house features two floors, six and a half bathrooms, and a large outdoor area with a pool, a grilling area, and a fountain. It also has a unique feature, as Mike Tyson is an avid pigeon enthusiast and has a large area in his home dedicated to his birds.


Mike Tyson and his wife, Kiki Tyson, have been blessed with two beautiful children. Their daughter, Milan Tyson, was born in December 2008, and their son, Morocco Elijah Tyson, was born on January 25, 2011.

Their love remains as strong as it was years ago. During an episode of ExpediTIously with rapper T.I., Mike Tyson revealed the importance of his wife in his life. He said, “Without my wife, I’m a savage animal.” He went on to explain that he now views women as his teachers, rather than just objects of pleasure.

In the same interview, Mike admitted that he cannot live without a wife, which is why he has been married three times. He stated, “If I don’t have a wife, I’ll kill myself. That’s real talk. I need somebody to listen to. I’m a soldier. I can’t think on my own, I need somebody to do it…I know myself.”

Lakiha Spicer Net worth

Lakiha Spicer is known for living a lavish lifestyle and indulging in the finest homes, cars, and goods. This has led many to question her occupation and source of income, but these details remain unknown to the public. However, it is well-known that her husband Mike Tyson has a net worth of $3 million as of today.

Lakiha Spicer, the wife of Mike Tyson, has faced legal troubles in the past. In 2004, she was put under house arrest and received four years of probation during a corruption case involving her family members.

Four years later, in 2008, she was found guilty of fraud and criminal conspiracy. She was sentenced to six months in federal prison for embezzling £60,000 from a company owned by her father. Spicer had claimed to be teaching math courses at the Sister Clara Muhammad School, but it was later discovered that she was using the school for money laundering. In addition, her mother was one of the masterminds behind the scheme and served more than a year in prison.

How tall is Tyson’s wife?

Lakiha Spicer stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches, which is equivalent to 165 centimetres. She has a weight of 55 kg, which is approximately 121 lbs.

Mike Tyson Social media

Lakiha Spicer, Mike Tyson’s third wife, has a different approach to social media compared to most celebrities who share their daily lives with their followers. She maintains a low profile on social media and does not have an Instagram account.

Despite knowing each other for a long time, Lakiha and Mike have managed to keep their love strong. Lakiha’s focus is now on raising their children and taking care of their family.

Lakiha Spicer Fast Facts

Here are some fast facts about Lakiha Spicer:

  1. Lakiha Spicer was born on June 11, 1977, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
  2. Her parents are Shamsud-din Ali and Faridah Ali.
  3. Lakiha Spicer is also known as Kiki Tyson after she married the famous boxer Mike Tyson.
  4. She has two children with Mike Tyson: daughter Milan Tyson and son Morocco Elijah Tyson.
  5. Lakiha Spicer changed her religion from Islam to Christianity after marrying Mike Tyson.
  6. She has had some legal issues in the past, including being sentenced to house arrest and probation in 2004 and being convicted of fraud and conspiracy in 2008.
  7. Lakiha Spicer’s profession and sources of income are not publicly known.
  8. She is not active on social media and prefers to keep a low profile.
  9. Lakiha Spicer’s height is 5 feet 5 inches, and she weighs around 55 kg.
  10. She and Mike Tyson currently reside in Seven Hills, Henderson, Nevada, in a 6-bedroom luxurious house they bought in 2016.

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