Who is Danielle Wright? All About Nick Wright’s wife

Who is Danielle Wright? All About Nick Wright’s wife

Danielle Wright has found herself in this spotlight due to her marriage to Nick. Despite forging her own remarkable career trajectory, her prominence has surged rapidly.

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In Nick Wright’s heart, Danielle Wright holds a unique and cherished place. Their profound love story commenced in 2007, and since then, they have been inseparable. Danielle has been a steadfast pillar of support for Nick throughout his career, making pivotal decisions that have played a pivotal role in his accomplishments.

Profile summary
Full nameDanielle Wright
Date of birth16 October 1980
Age43 (as of May 2023)
Place of birthUnited States of America
ProfessionFashion Stylist
ParentsDavid and Regina Byrd
SisterDionna Byrd
Hair colourBlack
Eye ColourBrown
SpouseNick Wright
ChildrenDeanna, Damonza, Diorra
Who is Danielle Wright?

Danielle Wright is a prominent fashion stylist renowned for her association with Fox Sports. She gained further recognition by marrying American sports TV personality Nick Wright in the year 2013. Their union has been characterized by mutual support as they navigate their respective careers, underpinning their strong bond.

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Apart from her role as the wife of the esteemed FOX sports commentator, Danielle has carved out her own successful path as a fashion stylist for Fox Sports. Her impeccable sense of style, a necessity in her profession, is reflected in her own attire. Sharing her stunning images on Instagram, she often garners comparisons to a model due to her striking looks.


Born on October 16, 1980, in the United States of America, Danielle Wright (of African American descent) is currently 43 years old as of 2023. Her parents are David Byrd and Regina Byrd. Alongside her, Danielle has a sister named Dionna Byrd who is part of her family.

Who is Danielle Wright’s husband?

Danielle Wright is married to Nick Wright, an American sports TV personality known for his work in the field. Nick also serves as the host of a radio sports talk show. A prominent figure in sports reporting, he co-hosts the morning show “First Things First” on Fox Sports 1. Born on October 3, 1984, in the USA, Nick is currently 38 years old as of May 2023.

Nick Wright’s broadcasting journey began with the Kansas City radio news channel program KCSP 610 AM. Prior to his role at Fox Sports, he gained experience working with The Pitch and KILT 610 AM.

How did Danielle meet Nick Wright?

In the year 2007, the paths of Danielle and Nick Wright converged, marking the beginning of their journey together. Back then, Danielle, a skilled stylist, entered Nick Wright’s life as his girlfriend, kickstarting a story of love and partnership.

During a period when Nick was grappling with personal challenges and poor decisions, Danielle emerged as a beacon of support and transformation. Their relationship blossomed over the course of six years, culminating in their wedding on April 14, 2013, an event shrouded in privacy.

Demonstrating the depth of their connection, the couple chose to commemorate their union with matching tattoos in lieu of traditional wedding rings. Presently, their joy-filled escapades and heartfelt displays of affection on social media reflect the enduring happiness they find in each other’s company.

Danielle Wright’s Children

Danielle’s journey as a parent has encompassed three children. When she crossed paths with Nick, she already had two children, whom Nick wholeheartedly welcomed into his life. Despite speculations surrounding Danielle’s previous marital status, any claims of a prior marriage remain unsubstantiated. The names of her initial children are Damonza and Diarra.

Subsequent to her union with Nick Wright, Danielle gave birth to their third child, Deanna Wright, marking the couple’s first child together. Notably, the intriguing facet of their relationship lies in the fact that Danielle introduced her children to Nick during their initial encounter, which subsequently led to Nick’s legal guardianship over them.

Of the children, Damonza is presumably pursuing higher education and displaying a keen interest in basketball, showcasing impressive achievements. Remarkably, Nick Wright has taken on a hands-on coaching role for Damonza’s basketball endeavors.

What does Danielle Wright do?

Danielle Wright is a seasoned professional in the field of styling, a fact that often takes a back seat in the shadow of her husband Nick Wright’s public persona. Amid her role as Nick’s wife, Danielle has diligently crafted a remarkable career profile as a professional stylist. While her specific position at Fox Sports remains undisclosed, her association with the network indicates her likely involvement in the same field.

Interestingly, beyond her professional pursuits, Danielle plays an active role in her husband’s TV appearances, contributing to his polished on-screen presence with fashion insights and tips. Her styling prowess extends beyond her immediate circle, as she also works with other prominent personalities like Bomani Jones and MJ Acosta. Despite her well-established expertise in the field, details about her career remain relatively private, underscoring her preference for maintaining a low profile even amidst her growing prominence.

Danielle Wright’s net worth

While Danielle Wright has established herself as a prominent figure in the fashion industry, details regarding her exact net worth remain undisclosed. Meanwhile, her husband Nick holds an estimated net worth of $1 million. Various sources suggest that his reporting career yields around $75,000 in earnings.

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