Who is Matt Lauer? All About The American TV personality

Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer is a well-known figure in the United States, particularly associated with a popular morning TV show. Although he initially pursued a major in Communications, he decided to drop out of college when he was near completion and instead opted for a journalism internship. This decision marked the beginning of his remarkable career.

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Lauer quickly built an impressive resume, gaining experience as an on-air reporter, hosting talk shows, and working for various news magazines. He traveled extensively and showcased his versatility in the media industry. Despite facing a challenging period where he struggled to find work, Lauer’s resilience paid off when he was cast as the host of the talk show ‘9 Broadcast Plaza.’ This opportunity propelled his growing popularity and led him to work on NBC, which became a turning point in his already successful career.

His association with NBC proved to be long-lasting and fruitful, as he continues to work with the channel to this day. Notably, Lauer became the co-anchor for ‘The Today Show,’ a prominent morning show in the US. In this role, he conducted high-profile interviews, including those with former US Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, showcasing his interviewing skills and journalistic prowess. Additionally, Lauer took on other hosting roles intermittently, demonstrating his versatility in the industry.

His prominence and mass appeal were further solidified when he signed a contract worth an astounding $25 million per year. This significant agreement not only cemented Lauer’s reputation as one of the most popular TV personalities but also underscored his immense talent and influence in the television landscape.

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Profile Summary
REAL NAMEMatthew Todd Lauer
BIRTHDAYDecember 30, 1957
BIRTHPLACENew York, United States
MARRIED/WIFEAnnette Roque (m. 1998–2019), Nancy Alspaugh (m. 1981–1988)
NET WORTH$80 million
PARENTSRobert Lauer, Marilyn Lauer
GirlfriendShamin Abas
Childhood & Early Life

Born in New York to Jay Robert Lauer and Marilyn Kolmer, Matt Lauer spent his formative years in Greenwich, Connecticut. His father held an executive position in a bicycle company, while his mother owned a boutique. Unfortunately, Lauer’s parents divorced when he was quite young.

Initially, Lauer enrolled at Ohio University’s School of Telecommunications. However, in 1979, he made the decision to drop out and embark on a journalism internship at WOWK-TV in West Virginia. Beginning as a producer for the program “12 o’clock news,” Lauer quickly displayed his skills and dedication, leading to his promotion as an on-air reporter the following year.

Personal Life & Legacy

In 1981, Matt Lauer tied the knot with TV producer Nancy Alspaugh. Their marriage endured for seven years before ultimately ending in divorce.

Following his divorce, Lauer entered into a relationship with anchor Kristen Gesswein in 1989. The couple enjoyed a seven-year romance before parting ways.

In 1998, Lauer found love once again and married Dutch model Annette Roque. Together, they welcomed three children into their lives. While they faced a brief period of separation during their marriage, during which Roque filed for divorce, they ultimately reconciled and resolved their differences.


In the following years, Matt Lauer embarked on extensive travel along the East Coast, where he hosted talk shows and worked for various news magazines. Eventually, in 1984, he returned to New York to assume the role of a host for ‘WNEW-TV.’

In 1986, Lauer co-hosted the fifteen-week-long ‘Made In New York’ show on ‘WNYW-TV.’ He also had the opportunity to co-host ‘Fame, Fortune and Romance.’ Two years later, he took on the hosting duties for ‘Talk of the Town.’

It was in 1989 that Lauer’s popularity soared when he became the host of the live talk show ‘9 Broadcast Plaza,’ which continued for two years. That same year, he also hosted the ‘Esquire Show’ on Lifetime.

In 1992, Lauer’s career took another significant turn when he was chosen to co-host ‘Today in New York’ for NBC. The following year, he became a co-host of ‘Live at Five,’ another NBC show. During this period, he temporarily replaced Margaret Larson on ‘The Today Show’ before eventually becoming its regular host, a role he still holds to this day.

Starting from 1997, Lauer began his involvement as a contributing anchor for the reality legal show ‘Dateline NBC,’ and he continues to be associated with the program.

In 1998, Lauer introduced the segment ‘Where in the World is Matt Lauer?’ as part of ‘The Today Show.’ This popular segment showcased Lauer in various global locations, where he discussed the significance of each place. Over the years, he has visited numerous destinations such as Bhutan, Easter Island, the Panama Canal, Iran, Hong Kong, Croatia, and more.

One of the most memorable moments of Lauer’s career occurred in 2001 when he and co-host Katie Couric reported on the devastating September 11 terrorist attacks in New York. Despite the shocking nature of the events, Lauer and Couric maintained their composure throughout the day.

Lauer continued to host a multitude of other shows, including ‘The Greatest American’ for the ‘Discovery Channel,’ the ‘Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade’ for NBC, and ‘Sesame Beginnings: Exploring Together,’ a program he co-hosted with his daughter.

He had the honor of co-hosting the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics twice and the Winter Olympics once. Lauer also participated in the Olympic Torch Relay and carried the torch in Burnaby, British Columbia. In addition, he filled in for the sixth day of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Awards & Achievements

In 1999, Matt Lauer and the entire team of ‘Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade’ achieved recognition by winning a Daytime Emmy award in the category of ‘Outstanding Special Class Program’.

Continuing their success, the ‘Today’ team, which included Lauer, received a Daytime Emmy award in 2007 for their ‘Excellence in Morning Programming’.

Lauer’s contributions to the broadcasting industry were duly acknowledged in 2008 when he was honored with induction into the prestigious Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame.

Matt Lauer Net Worth

In 1992, Matt Lauer’s journey with NBC began when he assumed the role of co-anchor for the early weekday news program ‘Today in New York’ on the network’s flagship station WNBC. This marked the beginning of Lauer’s on-camera presence, which would open doors to numerous opportunities within NBC News.

Lauer’s versatility was evident as he filled in for Scott Simon, Mike Schneider, and Jack Ford, serving as the co-host of ‘Weekend Today.’ Additionally, he stepped in as the anchor for the former NBC News program ‘NBC News at Sunrise’ from 1992 to 1997, taking over from Ann Curry.

Net Worth$85 Million
NBC Salary$8 Million
Assets$44 Million
Liabilities & Loans$3 Million
Investments$17 Million

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