Who is Tess Sanchez? All About Max Greenfield’s wife

Who is Tess Sanchez? All About Max Greenfield's wife

Tess Sanchez stands out as a notable figure in the entertainment industry and as the cherished wife of ‘New Girl’ actor Max Greenfield. The couple’s relationship and collaborative parenting have captured the attention and admiration of many.

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Tess Sanchez made her mark in Hollywood as a formidable casting director. With a career spanning over two decades, she notably served as the vice president of talent and casting at The WB, contributing to the success of shows like “Felicity” and “Dawson’s Creek.” Later, as the executive vice president of casting at Fox, she played a pivotal role in casting for hits like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “9-1-1.”

Tess Sanchez

Tess Sanchez is the real-life spouse of Max Greenfield, known for his role in “New Girl.” Married since August 2008, the couple has two children, Lilly and Ozzie. Greenfield credits their happy marriage to prioritizing each other, a practice that has fostered empathy and kindness in their family, as they observe daily.

Sanchez and Greenfield emphasize communication in their relationship, with Sanchez often initiating important conversations and Greenfield providing a listening ear. This dynamic has been crucial for maintaining their strong connection. Greenfield admires Sanchez’s opinions on his acting, especially her praise for his role in “About Alex.” With Sanchez’s extensive experience in casting, her approval is particularly meaningful to him. This background informs their mutual respect and understanding, highlighting Tess Sanchez’s significant role both in their marriage and Greenfield’s professional life.

Max Greenfield and Tess Sanchez at the Baby2Baby 10-Year Gala in 2021 in Hollywood, California. PHOTO: AMY SUSSMAN/GETTY
How many kids does Max Greenfield have?

Greenfield and Sanchez became parents to their daughter Lilly in 2009, and their family grew with the arrival of their son Ozzie in 2015. Initially hesitant about starting a family due to career commitments, Sanchez found motherhood transformative, leading to the decision for a second child. Greenfield, having grown up without siblings, hadn’t felt prepared for parenthood initially, but Lilly’s birth changed his perspective, fostering a desire for her to have a sibling.

Sanchez, content at first with one child, experienced a change of heart following an unexpected moment before a Disneyland trip, leading to their second child. She now states she cannot envision a life without both of her children, emphasizing the importance of kindness and empathy in their upbringing. “Our biggest rule is how they treat others; thoughtlessness is where we draw the line,” Sanchez explains. Greenfield adds, “We teach them to be curious about everyone’s story, ensuring they grow up understanding and compassionate.

Tess Sanchez and Matthew Greenfield with their kids, Lilly and Ozzie. TESS SANCHEZ INSTAGRAM
Where Did Tess Sanchez And Max Greenfield meet?

Greenfield and Sanchez’s initial encounter took place in a traditional setting: a Hollywood bar. At this time, Greenfield, who would later be known for his role in “American Horror Story,” was between acting jobs and spending the evening with friends. Meanwhile, Sanchez was out with her girlfriends. After he approached her and asked for her number, their relationship quickly blossomed. Following their second date, Greenfield presented Sanchez with a mix CD he had made, titled “Cool Jams.”

Reflecting on the gesture, Sanchez remembered, “He said, ‘I’ve got this extra one if you’re interested.'” From the outset, there was an immediate spark between them, which has only strengthened over time. “We’ve become better partners,” Sanchez remarked. Greenfield agreed, saying, “It was definitely love at first sight, but our relationship has only improved from there.”

When Did They get married?

Greenfield and Sanchez first met in a quintessential Hollywood setting: a local bar. At the time, Greenfield was an unemployed actor, out with his buddies. Sanchez, on the other hand, was enjoying an evening with her girlfriends. He approached her, requested her number, and shortly thereafter, their romance began to flourish. On their second date, Greenfield gifted Sanchez a mix CD he labeled “Cool Jams.”

Sanchez looked back at the moment, noting, “He mentioned, ‘I’ve got this spare one if you’d like.'” The connection was instant and only grew with time. “We’ve evolved into better partners,” stated Sanchez. Greenfield echoed her sentiments, noting, “It was certainly love at first sight, yet our bond has only deepened since.”

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Tess Sanchez, beyond being Max Greenfield’s wife, is a remarkable individual known for her significant contributions to television casting and her deep, personal commitment to her family. Her journey from a high-powered casting director to a supportive partner and mother highlights her multifaceted life and the balance she maintains between her professional and personal worlds.

FAQs about Tess Sanchez
  1. Who is Tess Sanchez? Tess Sanchez is a former casting director known for her extensive work in television and is the wife of actor Max Greenfield.
  2. What is Tess Sanchez known for in her professional career? She is known for her roles as VP of talent and casting at The WB and later as EVP of casting at Fox, contributing to the casting of numerous successful TV shows.
  3. How did Tess Sanchez meet Max Greenfield? The couple met in a Hollywood bar, leading to a relationship marked by mutual respect and deep affection.
  4. What is Tess Sanchez’s approach to parenting? Tess prioritizes kindness and empathy, values she and Max instill in their children, Lilly and Ozzie.
  5. Is Tess Sanchez writing a book? Yes, Tess Sanchez is working on a book of essays titled “We’re Going In A Different Direction,” exploring her experiences and life transitions.

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