Who is Debbie Depp? All About Johny Depp’s sister

Who is Debbie Depp? All About Johny Depp's sister

Who is Debbie Depp? All About Johny Depp’s sister: Debbie Depp is known as the older step-sister of the well-known Hollywood actor, Johnny Depp. She had previously maintained a private life but gained public attention in May 2022 when she became involved in her brother’s defamation case. While details about her personal life are limited, her connection to Johnny Depp has put her in the spotlight.

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Debbie Depp is a former elementary teacher who has chosen to lead a low-profile life despite being related to a world-renowned celebrity. She only gained public attention when she was identified as one of the witnesses in her younger brother’s legal case. Prior to this, she was not widely known to the public.

Profile summary
Full nameDebbie Depp
Date of birth10 May 1956
Age66 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac signTaurus
Place of birthLexington, Kentucky, USA
Marital statusMarried
Debbie Depp’s biography

Born in Lexington, Kentucky, Debbie Depp is an American of White ethnicity. She is the daughter of Bob Palmer and Betty Sue Palmer and grew up with three siblings: Johnny Depp, Christi Dembrowski, and Daniel Palmer.

Debbie Depp has a biological brother named Daniel Palmer, who is often recognized as “the other talented Depp”. He pursued his passion for art and European history and currently works as an instructor.

Recognized as one of the entertainment industry’s most popular figures, Johnny Depp is renowned for his roles in various movies. He gained significant acclaim for portraying the character of Jack Sparrow in the widely popular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Christi Dembrowski is the third child in the Depp family. She worked as a personal assistant to her brother Johnny and has also established a career as a film producer and production assistant.

Who is Debbie Depp? All About Johny Depp's sister
Who is Debbie Depp? All About Johny Depp’s sister

At the age of 23, Debbie Depp’s parents divorced, following which her mother, who worked as a waitress, married John Christopher Depp, a civil engineer. Tragically, Debbie’s mother passed away on May 20th, 2016, at the age of 81.

How old is Debbie Depp?

According to the available information, Debbie Depp was born on May 10th, 1956, which makes her 66 years old in 2022. As Johnny Depp’s older step-sister, she is seven years his senior. Her zodiac sign is Taurus.

What does Debbie Depp do for a living?

Debbie Depp works as a substitute teacher in local schools and chooses to lead a modest lifestyle, keeping most of her personal information away from public attention.

Is Debbie Depp married?

Debbie Depp is married to Richard Rassel, whose background is not widely publicized. However, it is known that he is the son of Oakley Lee Rassel, a seventh-generation Floridian, and World War II veteran, and Sophia Surmacz, a registered nurse.

Debbie Depp and her husband Richard Rassel met at a doctor’s office and dated before getting married. They have a son named William Rassel, who was born in 1980 and works as a recording engineer. William is married to Heather L Rassel.

Debbie Depp’s Testimony against Johnny Depp

There has been an ongoing legal dispute between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. In 2015, Amber Heard won a case resulting in a $7 million divorce settlement. However, in February 2019, Johnny sued Heard over an opinion piece she wrote in December 2018 for The Washington Post.

Christi Dembrowski testified in support of her brother during his trial against Amber Heard, and it was rumored that Debbie Depp was also prepared to testify against him. Her name was included on Amber Heard’s list of witnesses, but ultimately, Debbie did not end up testifying in the case.

The reason why Debbie Depp did not testify in the trial against her brother is unknown. However, her inclusion on Amber Heard’s list of witnesses led many to speculate that there might be tension between the siblings. In contrast, it seems that Johnny and Christi Dembrowski has maintained a strong friendship over the years.

Who is Debbie Depp? All About Johny Depp's sister
Who is Debbie Depp? All About Johny Depp’s sister

Debbie Depp, the older step-sister of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, usually leads a private life, but gained public attention during her brother’s legal case with his ex-wife Amber Heard. Debbie works as a substitute elementary teacher and lives a simple life with her husband in Kentucky, USA. She is the mother of one and prefers to stay out of the public eye.

Debbie Depp and Jonny Depp Don’t Share a Great Family Bond

It appears that the relationship between Debbie Depp and her half-brother, Johnny, is strained, and there are speculations among fans that they are not on good terms. Many people assumed that Debbie would testify against Johnny in his legal battle with Amber Heard since her name was listed among the witnesses, but she ended up not testifying.

Additionally, there have been reports indicating that the relationship between Debbie Depp and her half-brother Johnny has always been strained. After the passing of their mother, Betty Sue Palmers, it was reported that Johnny promptly evicted his older sister from their family home.


In conclusion, Debbie Depp is the older step-sister of the renowned Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. She was born and raised in Kentucky, USA, alongside her siblings. Despite being related to an international celebrity, Debbie prefers to keep a low-key lifestyle and works as a substitute teacher in local schools.

She is married to Richard Rassel, and their union is blessed with a son named William Rassel. Although her name was listed among the witnesses in her brother’s legal dispute with his ex-wife Amber Heard, she did not testify in court.

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