Watch Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Video On Twitter and Reddit

Watch Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Video On Twitter and Reddit has uncovered that the explicit photos of the University of Wisconsin women’s volleyball team, which were leaked online, originated from a cell phone belonging to one of the players. However, according to the University of Wisconsin Police, the player is not a suspect and claims to have no knowledge of how the photos ended up on the internet.

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The police are currently investigating the possibility that the player’s phone may have been hacked. Marc Lovicott, the Executive Director of Communications for the Department, told that they are trying to determine the cause of the incident and identify the individuals responsible for the unauthorized dissemination of these photos.

The University of Wisconsin Police have clarified that none of the players are currently being investigated regarding the leaked explicit photos. Instead, they are exploring the potential scenario that one of the players’ phones was hacked, resulting in the breach. It is worth noting that, under Wisconsin law, it is illegal to distribute sexually explicit photos without consent.

As a result, whoever disseminated these images would have required approval from all 18 members of the 2021 National Championship winning team.

According to Marc Lovicott, Executive Director of Communications for the Department, the leaked explicit photos involving the University of Wisconsin women’s volleyball team are being treated as a high-priority case due to the players’ high-profile status. Lovicott noted that while the department has dealt with similar cases before, they often involve threats to release intimate photos as a form of blackmail. In this instance, however, no such threats have been reported.

The leaked photos and videos, which were taken after the Badgers’ victory at the National Collegiate Athletic Association Volleyball National Championships last December, include around 40 images. They depict the team, some of whom have already graduated, happily celebrating their win in the locker room. Among the photos are shots of team members revealing their breasts to the camera in joyous excitement. The 3-2 win over Nebraska was a historic moment for Wisconsin, led by Dana Rettke, the 2021 national player of the year, who had come close to clinching the title in previous years.

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