Who is Ricky Rick’s Wife? Everything About Bianca Naidoo

Who is Ricky Rick's Wife? Everything About Bianca Naidoo

Fans of the local rap and hip-hop scene are likely familiar with the late, great rapper Riky Rick, an icon who treated fans like family despite his commercial success. However, less is known about his wife Bianca Naidoo, who was his biggest supporter.

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Following the tragedy that struck their family, there has been little information about her. While there is plenty of information available online about Makhado, questions about his wife, such as “Who was Riky Rick married to?” and “Is Bianca Naidoo on Instagram?” often arise. Here is a summary of her bio and personal information.

Profile summary and bio
CategoryProfile Information
Full nameBianca Naidoo
Date of birthSeptember 1st, 1993-1998 (year unconfirmed)
Age24-28 (unconfirmed)
Zodiac signVirgo
BirthplaceDurban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Religious beliefsChristian
Current residenceJohannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Current nationalitySouth African
Marital statusWidowed
EthnicityHalf Indian/Zulu
Weight55 kgs (unconfirmed)
Height165 cm (unconfirmed)
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourDark brown
ChildrenMaik and Jordan Makhado
ProfessionBooking agent, businesswoman, media personality
Who was Riky Rick married to?

Bianca Naidoo was Riky Rick’s wife until his tragic passing in February 2022. She has been described as his biggest supporter and a pillar of strength, having saved his life numerous times without even realizing it.

While little is known about her personal life, it is clear that she prefers to stay out of the public eye, as she does not have an active social media presence. Despite this, fans of the late rapper can catch glimpses of her on his Instagram page, @rikyrickworld.

Bianca Naidoo’s age

Bianca Naidoo’s exact age is unknown, as her date of birth has not been confirmed. However, based on various sources, she is estimated to be between 24-28 years old. It is worth noting that her birth date has been confirmed as September 1, which can be seen from Riky Rick’s previous Instagram posts.

Bianca Naidoo’s children

Bianca Naidoo is a devoted mother to her children Maik and Jordan Makhado. While Jordan is Bianca’s child from a previous relationship, Rikhado Makhado embraced her as his own and treated her as part of his family.

Who is Ricky Rick’s Wife? Everything About Bianca Naidoo
Does Bianca Naidoo have Instagram?

While Riky Rick was quite active on his social media accounts, his wife Bianca Naidoo does not seem to have any active social media accounts herself, and it is uncertain whether Bianca Naidoo has an Instagram account or not. However, fans can catch glimpses of her on Riky Rick’s Instagram page, which is @rikyrickworld.

Bianca Naidoo’s ethnicity

Bianca Naidoo’s ethnicity has been a topic of interest among fans and the public. In a News24 interview with the family a few years ago, it was revealed that she has a mixed heritage of Zulu and Indian, making her cultural background diverse.

Unfortunately, her parents’ names are not known, and they have since divorced. However, this did not stop her from finding love and marrying Rikhado Makhado, with whom she enjoyed a happy marriage until his untimely passing in February 2022.

Bianca Naidoo’s net worth

Naidoo’s net worth is not widely known, given the limited information available about her career and income sources. Nevertheless, various online sources estimate her net worth to be approximately 1.5 million dollars (USD) or 24.3 million Rands (ZAR).

What does Bianca Naidoo do for a living?

Bianca Naidoo’s current occupation is unclear, as little information is available about her career or sources of income. However, she previously served as her late husband’s booking agent and is now involved in organizing Riky Rick’s Cotton Fest as a tribute to him.

While it is uncertain if this will be a permanent role for her, Naidoo’s dedication to upholding her husband’s legacy demonstrates her commitment to his passions and memory. In addition to her professional pursuits, Naidoo is a devoted mother and businesswoman.

Riky Rick’s ‘wife’ fights for his assets

Bianca Jade Naidoo, the live-in partner of the late artist Riky Rick, has taken legal action against the Master of the High Court and Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi to be recognized as Riky Rick’s wife and the executrix of his estate. Riky Rick passed away in February without leaving a will, leaving behind a successful career as a hip-hop artist with endorsements from several big brands, ownership of a barber shop and record label, and a fleet of luxury vehicles.

If appointed as the executrix, Naidoo will oversee the winding up of his estate and become its beneficiary. In court papers, Naidoo stated that she and Riky Rick were in a permanent opposite-sex life partnership and had been living together as a family since 2013. She supported him financially during the early stages of his career and contributed to their shared businesses.

Their families approved of their relationship and intended for them to eventually marry. Naidoo is also the only legal guardian of their children and has the support of Riky Rick’s family to be appointed as the executrix.

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