100 Cute Easter Themed Instagram Captions: That Will Get Your Feed Hoppin

100 Cute Easter Themed Instagram Captions: That Will Get Your Feed Hoppin

100 Cute Easter-Themed Instagram Captions: That Will Get Your Feed Hoppin. Happy Easter! No doubt your Instagram feed will soon be filled with soft pastels, decorated baskets, and some newly bloomed spring flowers along with some funny and cute Easter Instagram captions you can imagine.

But before you start posting pics of you and your favorite bunnies on April 9, having a basketful of cute Easter-themed Instagram captions to choose from is a must.

100 Cute Easter Themed Instagram Captions: That Will Get Your Feed Hoppin

From silly Easter-themed puns, like “Hoppy Easter!” to adorable captions that are sweet as your basket of chocolate goodies, this list of 100 cute Instagram caption ideas for Easter will guarantee that your photos will be hoppin’ with likes.

100 Easter Instagram Captions

1. Not decorating eggs this year? Yolk’s on you.

2. Way too egg-cited about Easter!

3. How do I like my eggs? Cadbury.

4. A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands

5. Don’t worry, be hoppy.

6. Without you, I’d go off the Peep end.

7. I’m having a good hare day

8. Happy Easter, Peeps!

9. All you need is love and a chocolate bunny

10. Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits

11. He is Risen!

12. No bunny loves you like I do

13. Hoppin’ into Easter like…

14. Easter is the time to rejoice and be thankful for friends and family.

15. I’m very good at hiding chocolate eggs… in my stomach

16. I’ll celebrate anyone who can turn water into wine

17. Let us rejoice and be glad

18. Chocolate eggs are the best eggs

19. I love Easter! What other holiday allows you to bite someone’s head off and have it be chocolate?

20. He knows the way because He is the way

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21. On this Easter Sunday, forgive someone. Reach out to an old friend. Tell someone you love them. Let your light shine.

22. Wishing you an Easter filled with love, light, and loads of solid chocolate bunnies.

23. Bunny kisses, Easter wishes

24. Time for the bunny hop!

25. Taking the egg-press lane to church today

26. Show me the bunny

27. Lent is over. Where’s dessert?!

28. Easter always puts a spring in my step

29. Here’s to sunshine, springtime, and pretty eggs

30. Chick magnet

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31. I carrot even

32. Ears hoping you have a Hoppy Easter!

33. Chocolate bunnies and red wine. What more could a girl want?

34. Here’s to a hoppin’ good spring!

35. Hallelujah for creme eggs

36. Every bunny loves some bunny on Easter

37. For Peep’s sake!

38. I’m the cutest chick I know

39. Some bunny needs chocolate

40. I believe in having chocolate eggs for breakfast

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41. I feel hollow inside. Like this chocolate bunny.

42. Dyed eggs, full heart, can’t lose

43. (Cad)bury me in chocolate

44. Scavenger hunts are always egg-hausting

45. I’ve got the Easter Bunny on speed dial

46. All my favorite holidays revolve around chocolate

47. Full bloom

48. Hip hop hooray!

49. Happy to let spring do its thing

50. April showers aren’t so bad with buds!

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51. It’s wabbit season

52. Bunny kisses > puppy kisses

53. I was going to tell a joke about an Easter egg but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be

54. How old is too old to join an Easter egg hunt? Asking for a friend…

55. I’ve been a good egg this year

56. So glad I can finally come out of hibernation

57. Eggheads gotta stick together

58. There’s nothing better than friends unless those friends have chocolate

59. When life hands you lemons, throw them back and ask for chocolate bunnies instead.

60. Silly rabbit, Easter is for Jesus

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61. Here comes Peter Cottontail!

62. No bunny loves you like Jesus!

63. Sweet egg-scape

64. Cute chick

65. Why did the Easter egg hide? He was a little chicken.

66. Literally putting all my eggs in one basket

67. It’s not about the bunny, it’s about the Lamb.

68. Living life in full bloom

69. Follow the bunnny. He has chocolate!

70. Considering Easter as my excuse to have chocolate for every meal.

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71. So egg-cited for brunch, it hurts!

72. Pastel in head to toe

73. Feeling kinda bunny

74. I said a hip, hop.

75. Hopped up on Easter candy!

76. The amount of egg puns today is an absolute yolk.

77. Too hip to hop

78. Hanging with my Peeps

79. Baskets and Bunnies

80. What’s up, Peeps?

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81. I see spring in your smile and sunshine in your eyes.

82. Who needs spring flowers when I have you?

83. Egg hunt champion

84. Great egg-spectations for this spring!

85. You’re my favorite honey bunny.

86. That’s all, yolks.

87. Let’s have a hoppin’ good time.

88. Old yolks can still have fun!

89. Eggs… Prepare to dye

90. Feeling a little bit egg-stra today.

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91. To All The Bunnies I’ve Loved Before

92. Shake your bunny tail

93. Too egg-cellent to ignore

94. With His wounds, we are healed.

95. “Yolo. Lol, jk. Brb.”- Jesus

96. Can anybody find me somebunny to love?

97. Cottontail cutie

98. Trust in the Lord with all your heart

99. Springtime fun and sugary treats

100. Every bunny was kung-fu fighting!

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