Top Trendsetting Cities for Fashionistas- Part 2

Top Trendsetting Cities for Fashionistas- Part 2

1. Barcelona
In a city as beautiful as Barcelona, it’s no wonder that style and fashion play such large roles in the culture. Surrounded by whimsical Antonio Gaudy architecture, it’s a mecca for modern creativity. With its thriving textile industry and a multitude of fashion schools, shops, and houses, Barcelona has climbed the ranks to land itself in the top ten of fashion-friendly cities.

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2. Shanghai
Bustling Shanghai has morphed into a fashion-forward hotspot in recent years. As China is becoming a modern mega-power, Shanghai is stepping up as its stylish epicenter. Local designers like Ziggy Chen, Uma Wang, and Masha Ma are rising stars in the international fashion scene. Fashionistas should keep their eye on Shanghai as an emerging fashion force. Rich in textiles and skilled tailors, you can get just about anything custom-made for you here.

3. Berlin
From its edgy streetwear styles to its sophisticated haute couture, Berlin is a major player on the world’s fashion stage. Even in the past, Berlin attracted artists and designers to its vicinity. Today, it continues to support its artistic legacy with great contributions to the world of fashion and style. Berlin’s Fashion Weeks take place in January and July in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

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4. Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro has long influenced fashion in the Western Hemisphere, but its global influence is only increasing. With its chic hotels, happening clubs, and sexy beaches, the city is a hub for fashionistas who come to the city to flaunt their best looks. Its in-vogue fashion scene and glamorous events make Rio a place for people who love sultry and innovative styles, especially in the swimwear category.

5. Los Angeles
Los Angeles, as a hub for celebrities, has long been associated with setting trends and steering styles. Its famous Beverly Hills, Melrose and Santa Monica shopping scenes attract a lot of press coverage, laying out the latest looks we all want to follow. Hollywood hipsters dressed by funky stylists raise the bar of what’s in at the moment. There are plenty of noteworthy photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and design visionaries in the city, it’s no surprise that this hotbed of creativity is a fashionista’s paradise.

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