John Kinuthia Makumi – The Billionaire Owner Of Lavington Mall Who Lived With Two Wives In One House

John Kinuthia Makumi - The Billionaire Owner Of Lavington Mall Who Lived With Two Wives In One House

The story of billionaire John Kinuthia Makumi is worth emulating. He made loads of money but never forgot the value of family. The serial entrepreneur never went far with his education but ensured his children had the very best.

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Here is the story of the billionaire owner of Lavington Mall who lived peacefully with his two wives under one roof as told by WoK.

The Billionaire’s Journey

John Kinuthia Makumi famously known as ‘Mr Money’ was born in 1930 in Kabete, Kiambu County where he spent the better part of his life. At the age of 16, he quit school and opted to follow his passion in the business world.

His first venture was selling chicken where he would buy them in the interior villages of Kiambu County at a relatively lower price then sell them in Kabete market at a profit.

With hard work, discipline and determination, Mr. Makumi saved his little profits and began investing in land and real estate. By the time of his death on 5th December 2019, Makumi had invested and accumulated vast wealth amounting to billions of shillings.

Assets and Properties owned by the billionaire

The tycoon left an indelible footprint in the rich suburbs of Lavington in the form of Lavington Mall, the largest mall in the area. The imposing building has ample parking, adequate water supply, back-up generator, CCTV, fully serviced lifts, fire and safety features and fire fighting equipment. The mall offers urban housing retail stores, beauty salons and restaurants, a supermarket and kid’s play area.

His other properties include a 200-acre piece of land in Loitoktok, Kajiado County, Zadar building in Wangige, Kiambu County, a building that hosts Fountain Church near Fig tree, Ngara Nairobi and the upcoming Wangige mall.

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He owned a multi-million palatial mansion in Rioki, Kiambu County. He also had other businesses and properties in different countries in the East African Community.

Polygamous Family

By the time he succumbed to cardiac arrest while aged 89, the billionaire had been living peacefully with his two wives Agnes Waringa and Irene Nyakio under one roof.

“As a good gesture of our relationship, we have been staying together in my home for six months with my co-wife, with the children, and later shifted to her home for the same period. That is how we strengthened the bond in our family,” revealed Agnes Waringa during the burial ceremony.

Despite dropping out of school at an early age, Makumi gave his children the best education, sending them to the best universities abroad. One of his daughters, Wanjiku Kinuthia, unsuccessfully vied for the Kabete constituency parliamentary seat during the 2017 general elections.

Humble Lifestyle

Despite being wealthy, Makumi remained a humble and down to earth person. He always preferred to drive himself rather than flying while inspecting his vast business empire.

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“He was always ready to hit the road despite the long distances but never admired flying, perhaps that’s why he never owned a chopper while he could comfortably afford one. In everything that Dad did, he strove to create a legacy through his work, his community and love for his country, family and friends,” recalled Wanjuhi Kinuthia, one of the billionaire’s daughters, while speaking to the Standard Media.

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