How To Style A Maxi Dress 7 Ways

How To Style A Maxi Dress 7 Ways

Maxi dresses are stylish, versatile, and comfortable. You will love this dress because it feels like you are wearing a nightgown, it’s super roomy to accommodate various life stages, it’s the right amount of classic feminine meets breezy boho, and best of all–it’s essentially a blank canvas. You can style it 100 different ways for so many occasions

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These are ideas on how to style a maxi dress:

Maxi dress with a belt bag and white sneakers

This outfit is perfect for a weekend brunch, or even a day of travel.

Maxi dress with a wide belt and ankle boots:

You can absolutely pair this with any color of ankle boot

Maxi dress with a woven belt and heels:

This gives you a look that is dressy-casual and perfect for drinks or dinner in warmer weather!

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Maxi dress with a leather jacket and sneakers:

Maxi dress with a statement belt and flats:

Accessories here as brown is always king at the office. Conservative, polished, stylish–and best of all, SO comfortable!

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Add a moto jacket

See how much just the addition of a leather Moto jacket can change the look? The Moto jacket adds the perfect amount of edge to offset the casual femininity of the dress.

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