15 Signs She is the woman you should marry

15 Signs She is the woman you should marry

It’s about a lot more than beauty and sexiness, a woman needs to show that she’d be a great partner for life before you can consider marrying her.

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I have recently had my eyes opened to some amazing qualities that a woman can possess which make a man take her much more seriously when it comes to envisioning a real future together.

15 Signs She is the woman you should marry

  1. She speaks to you with a caring tone.
  2. She gives you peace.
  3. She doesn’t compare you with other men; she inspires you to be the best version of himself.
  4. She doesn’t shout or scold you as if he is incompetent.
  5. She doesn’t belittle you when you are down or going through loss.
  6. She corrects you lovingly in private; away from the children and the public.
  7. She doesn’t announce to people the things she has done for you and how you would be nothing without her.
  8. She brings to attention your few weaknesses without forgetting your many strengths.
  9. She doesn’t give you silent treatment to punish you.
  10. She doesn’t say hurtful things just because she is mad.
  11. She acknowledges your good traits in private and in public.
  12. She doesn’t do mean things to teach you a lesson.
  13. She suggests instead of ordering.
  14. She doesn’t treat you well only when the pastor or in-laws are watching. Her treatment is consistent, not a show.
  15. She gives you room to lead and participate; involving you in coming up with decisions.

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When it comes to looking for someone who is marriage material, think about the things that are most important to you, including your values and goals, and pay attention to whether your potential partners possess those qualities.

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