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Top 5 African print trends in Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya 2020


1. Kaftans

Kaftans are often made with plain fabric with some embroidery here and there or with other colourful designs around the necks, wrists or pocket area. They come in a wide range of colours and designs. The ‘’Agbada’’ is a much more sophisticated type with a large tailored cloth oven embroidered around the neck and chest worn over the normal Kaftans. This used to be the ‘’uniform’’ for Alhaji’s and muslims. Nigerians were previously the most seen in this type of clothing. Over the years, Ghana has adopted this with many grooms and celebrities rocking mind blowing agbada designs to weddings and other award events. A very classy way to look African.

2. With Denim

Another trending type of African print fashion in Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya now is the combination of print crop tops or shirts with denim. This is a beauty to watch especially on women. A mixture of both Africa and the western world. Denims are universal and everyone rocks them but combining this with colourful African print crop tops and shirts is now the new way. Some even go to the extent of tying their heads with the same fabric or wear print shoes to match. They are often rocked as casual outfits but depending on the style of the African print, you can wear it to an official gathering or sometimes even classy events. If you are someone that loves the off shoulder, then you can definitely try this style. For those who have had success in the gym and want to show off, the crop tops are perfect as well. African print can be used for just anything. We rock!

3. Blazers

Maybe the most popular trend among the classic men and corporate ladies at the moment. Wearing a nice black, blue or grey suit is classy and gentlemanly but rocking a colourful African print blazer on top of some dark coloured trousers makes a much bolder statement. WHat you wear is always dependent on where you are going but African print blazers hardly go wrong if matched well. Ladies are not left out as they can do a similar combination like the men. They rock these blazers with skirts, tight dresses or even denim. Call this a new style or an alternative to formal dress suits, it’s just a perfect way to modernize suits and look trendy.

4. Maxi / Oversized

Another beautiful but interesting trend in Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya now is something that was here so many years ago but seemed to have gone extinct. Guess what? Maxi and oversize clothing are back and they came back in style. Although women love to showcase their curvy body shapes and sleek worked out bodies, maxi or oversized clothing even makes them look better. These are made in eye catching colours and designs that will get you saying ‘’wow’’ a million times. Sometimes they come in skirts, overalls, dresses and trousers. For the men, shirts, trousers and shorts. Sometimes both the shirt and trouser are oversized and at other times, just one pair is. No matter what the type of clothing is, oversized outfits are trending in Ghana and they are the favorite for ‘’good girls’’ and decent guys. Make no mistake, some ladies have a way of styling them to show lot’s of skin around their thighs. Want to look sexy?, maxi sized clothing can be that as well.

Photo Credit : FashionGHANA.com

5. Sporty

Finally for the sporty and easy going, there is still something for you with the new trends. African prints are just lovely. They can be made into anything and still look breathtaking and fashionable. Imagine wearing your favorite team’s jersey on top of some colourful african print shorts or short skirt? How about a plain white or black t-shirt or shirt with those same shorts and skirts? Going to watch a match or going to the beach? You can rock these shorts and skirts and still look very trendy. From a distance, you will catch everyone’s attention but what’s more important is that you will feel free and confident rocking the outfit.

Luckily for us, these trending fashion items are not hard to get. Ghana is blessed with many great fashion designers and stylists. Just give them a piece of African print fabric and they will light up your world. The best part is this, you can purchase such fashion items online or by visiting various fashion pages on social media. Look trendy and stay up to speed while promoting your country. Ghana has rich culture, heritage and tradition. These top African print fashion trends are just in line to make you feel more Ghanaian while you promote Ghana to the world. Be trendy, be fashionable, be Ghanaian.

Top 5 African print trends in Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya 2019


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