Tems – Me & U

Tems – Me & U

Tems, the Nigerian alt-R&B singer, songwriter, and Grammy-winning record producer, makes a triumphant return with her new captivating track, “Me & U.” This release marks her first single in two years.

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“Me & U” is a mesmerizing tune that showcases Tems’ unique sound and lyrical prowess. The song highlights her growth as an artist and her ability to connect deeply with her audience.

The single has been highly anticipated by fans and critics alike, as Tems has established herself as a leading voice in the contemporary music scene. Her previous works have garnered international acclaim, and “Me & U” is expected to continue her streak of impactful and soulful music.

Tems’ “Me & U” is available on all major streaming platforms, offering listeners a fresh and enchanting musical experience.

Tems – Me & U Mdundo Review
Music Video (Tems – Me & U)

In the “Me & U” music video, Cassie arrives at a dance studio, playing part of the chorus on her MP3 player while improvising some lyrics. She starts dancing and singing, experiences a minor mishap during a spin, pours water over herself, changes into a dress and high heels, and successfully completes the spin later on. Directed by Ray Kay, the video is inspired by Janet Jackson’s “The Pleasure Principle,” with Cassie expressing her admiration for Jackson’s career.

In July 2006, an unreleased, low-budget, and suggestive version of the video appeared on YouTube. This version showed Cassie singing to a man at a nightclub and later in a hotel room in suggestive scenes. Cassie denounced this version, which was directed by Little X and intended only for international audiences.

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