Rose Muhando New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024

Rose Muhando New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024

Rose Muhando, a renowned name in Tanzanian Gospel music, was born in January 1976 and has since become a pivotal figure in the genre. Her songs are widely acclaimed, enjoying immense popularity with substantial streaming and downloads on Citimuzik.

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Early Life and Spiritual Awakening

Muhando’s journey is not just musical but also deeply spiritual. Born and raised in Kilosa district, Morogoro region, Tanzania, she had a profound experience at the age of nine. Despite being a devout Muslim, Muhando had a vision of Jesus Christ during a prolonged illness, which led to her miraculous healing and subsequent conversion to Christianity.

Career Milestones

Muhando began her music career as a choir teacher at the Chimuli Anglican Church’s Saint Mary’s Choir in Dodoma. Her breakthrough came in 2005, winning awards for the best composer, best singer, and best album at the Tanzania Gospel Music Award Concert. Her talent and dedication to gospel music have been recognized both nationally and internationally, including winning awards in the 2005 Tanzania Music Awards and the 2008 Kenya Groove Awards.

In December 2005, she performed in a concert to support a Dar es Salaam orphanage. Highlighting her success, in February 2011, Muhando signed a landmark multi-album recording deal with Sony Music, a first of its kind in East Africa.


Rose Muhando’s music, characterized by its depth and spiritual richness, has led to the production of several albums and songs. Some of her notable works include:

  • Albums:
    • Jipange Sawasawa
    • Nyota ya Ajabu
    • Jitenge Na Lutu
    • Usife Moyo
  • Songs:
    • Mapenzi
    • Jitenge Na Lutu
    • Ananigonja Mungu Wangu
    • Glory
    • Tumwimbie
    • Yesu Wetu
    • Eeh Bethlehem
    • Amezaliwa Horini
    • Anakuja Kwa Jina La Baba
    • Hongera Kina Mama
    • Nyota Ya Ajabu
    • Utaiitwa Mbarikiwa
Rose Muhando New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024
  1. Rose Muhando – Amefanya
  2. Rose Muhando – Pombe
  3. Rose Muhando – Mkono Wa Mungu
  4. Rose Muhando – Wewe Ni Mwema
  5. Rose Muhando – Tuma Malaika
  6. Rose Muhando – Waache Waende
  7. Rose Muhando – Kama Tai
  8. Rose Muhando – Efatha (Funguka)
  9. Rose Muhando Ft Christina Shusho – Salama
  10. Rose Muhando – Secret Agenda


Streaming and Downloads

For fans and gospel music enthusiasts, Rose Muhando’s songs are readily available on Citimuzik. The platform provides a comprehensive collection for streaming and downloading her MP3 singles and albums, making it easy for listeners to access her inspiring music.

Keeping Up with Rose Muhando

To stay updated with the latest songs and information about Rose Muhando, fans are encouraged to follow Citimuzik. The platform not only offers access to her music but also provides updates on her career and upcoming projects.


Rose Muhando’s impact on the gospel music scene in Tanzania and across Africa is undeniable. Her music, imbued with personal faith and spiritual depth, continues to inspire and uplift countless listeners. As she releases new songs and albums, her influence in the gospel music industry is poised to grow even further. Keep an eye on Citimuzik for the latest on Rose Muhando’s musical journey.

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