Kuangalia Deni La Gari (Kujua deni la gari – TMS TRAFFIC CHECK)

Kuangalia Deni La Gari: A Comprehensive Guide to Traffic Fine and Parking Fee Checks in Tanzania

Kuangalia Deni La Gari: In Tanzania, managing and understanding your vehicular obligations, including traffic fines and parking fees, is essential for every motorist. The government provides efficient online tools like TMS Check to facilitate these needs, ensuring you stay informed and compliant with the road regulations.

Kuangalia Deni La Gari: TMS Check

TMS Check is a free online service provided by the Tanzanian government, designed to help motorists check their road traffic fines (deni la gari) easily. This tool, which has an improved user interface, is straightforward to use and requires only an internet connection.

Using USSD Code for Traffic Fine and Parking Fee Checks:

  • Dial *152*00#
  • Select option 4 (Nishati, madini na usafiri)
  • Then select option 2 (Tarura)
  • For Traffic Fine Check, choose option 2 (Termis/angalia deni)
  • For Parking Fee Payment, choose option 1 (Lipia Maegesho)
  • Enter your vehicle registration number, e.g., T544 AZZ
  • You will receive a message with your debt and payment reference number.

How to Use TMS Check:

  • Visit the official website:
  • You can search using your vehicle registration, license, or reference number.
  • Enter your vehicle details.
  • Click on the search button.
  • If all details are correct, you’ll be able to see if there are any outstanding fines.
Checking Parking Fees

Parking fees vary depending on location and are usually determined by local authorities or parking facility management. In urban areas, parking fees are often based on the duration of your stay. To find specific parking fee information:

  • Check local signs or information boards.
  • Contact the local parking authority or facility management.

Online Method for Checking Parking Fees:

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘Lipa’ to pay.
  • Enter your car number and click the search button.
  • The results will show any due fees and payment methods.
  • Alternatively, download the TERMIS App for easier access.

The Tanzanian government’s TMS Check tool and other available methods have made it easier for motorists to stay updated with their traffic fines and parking fees. By utilizing these resources, you can ensure compliance with local regulations and avoid any unnecessary penalties.

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