Barnaba New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024

Barnaba New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024

Elias Barnabas, known professionally as Barnaba Classic, has become a vibrant symbol of Tanzanian music. Born and raised in Moshi, Kilimanjaro, in a family steeped in musical tradition, Barnaba Classic’s journey in the music industry is a story of passion, talent, and hard work. His songs have garnered massive popularity, with numerous streams and downloads on Citimuzik.

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Musical Roots and Early Beginnings

Growing up in a musical family with his choir mistress mother, Maria A. Loice, and pastor/guitarist father, Barnaba E, Barnaba Classic was immersed in music from a young age. This environment nurtured his love for music, leading him to perform in churches, schools, and even on the streets.

Career Evolution and Breakthrough

Barnaba’s musical journey took a significant turn in the early 2000s. Initially interested in hip-hop, his direction changed when he was introduced to the guitar. His first hit, “Baby I Love You,” recorded in 2007, marked the beginning of a series of successful releases. “Njia Panda,” featuring Pipi, further propelled him into the limelight, solidifying his place in the Tanzanian music industry.

2024: A Year of New Releases

In 2024, Barnaba Classic continues to mesmerize his fans with new songs that showcase his evolving style and depth as an artist. His latest releases join a list of beloved tracks like “Njia Panda,” “Siri,” “Washa,” “Lover Boy,” “Wahalade,” and many more, each reflecting his unique blend of rhythm and melody.

Barnaba New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024
  1. Barnaba – Mawenge Ft Mullaobo
  2. Barnaba – I Belong To You
  3. Barnaba – All I Need
  4. Barnaba – Nawaza
  5. Barnaba – Nimejipata
  6. Barnaba – Shobo
  7. Barnaba – Rockabye Remix Ft Otile Brown
  8. Barnaba – Rockabye
  9. Barnaba – Cheketua Ft. Alikiba (Prod. Team BB)
  10. Barnaba – Tamu Ft Nandy


Mastery in Music and Songwriting

Barnaba Classic is not just a singer; he is an accomplished songwriter and a master of musical instruments. His prowess with the bass guitar, rhythm guitar, and piano adds depth to his music, making him a versatile and respected artist.

Achievements and Recognition

Barnaba’s talent and contributions to music have been recognized with several awards, including:

  • Kilimanjaro Tanzania Music Awards (KTMA) in the 2011 Zouk/Rhumba category.
  • Best Male Vocalist in 2012.
  • Best Musician of the Year in 2013.
Accessing Barnaba Classic’s Music

For fans looking to enjoy Barnaba Classic’s music, Citimuzik offers a comprehensive platform to stream and download his songs. Whether it’s his latest releases or classic hits, Citimuzik provides easy access to his extensive discography.


Barnaba Classic’s impact on the Tanzanian music scene is profound. His journey from a young music enthusiast to a celebrated artist is an inspiration to many. As he continues to release new music and captivate audiences in 2024, his legacy as a key figure in the Tanzanian music industry is only set to grow stronger. With Barnaba Classic, fans can always expect a harmonious blend of soulful music and heartfelt lyrics.

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