Barakah The Prince New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024

Barakah The Prince New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024

Barakah The Prince, a renowned Tanzanian musician and singer hailing from Kisumu, Kenya, has become a prominent figure in the Bongo music scene. His songs have gained immense popularity online, with significant streams and downloads on Citimuzik. Barakah, known for his soulful voice and captivating compositions, has made a substantial mark in the music industry.

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Early Life and Inspiration

Born on February 13, 1994, in Mwanza, Barakah was drawn to music from a young age. He started his musical journey in his church choir, led by his brother, which played a crucial role in nurturing his passion for singing. Barakah always envisioned a life in music, a dream he has pursued relentlessly.

Barakah The Prince New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024
  1. Barakah The Prince – Good Bye
  2. Barakah The Prince – Nibembelezwe
  3. Barakah The Prince – Tokota
  4. Barakah The Prince Ft Brian Feel – Rhumba
  5. Barakah The Prince Ft. Joh Makini – Permanent Love
  6. Barakah The Prince – Yanachosha


Career Journey

Barakah’s professional journey in music began in 2007 when he decided to venture into Bongo Flava, a popular music genre in Tanzania. His breakthrough came in 2013 after signing with Tetemesha Entertainment.

In 2014, Barakah gained significant exposure by performing alongside international artists like T.I (USA), Davido (Nigeria), Waje (Nigeria), and Victoria Kimani (Kenya) at the annual Serengeti Festival. His career has been marked by collaborations with well-known East African artists, including Kenya’s Otile Brown, and writing credits for songs like ‘Nasimama’ by Lady Jay Dee.


Barakah’s talent has been recognized with nominations and awards. In 2015, he clinched the Best Upcoming Artist award at the Kilimanjaro Music Awards, a testament to his growing influence in the music industry.

Barakah The Prince’s Music

Barakah’s discography reflects his artistic versatility and emotional depth. Some of his popular songs include:

  • Mazima
  • Forgive Me
  • I Do Not Leave You
  • Talk to You
  • Thoughts
  • Don’t Forget
  • Let Me Go
  • Take Care of Me
Net Worth and Revenue Streams

While Barakah’s exact net worth is not publicly known, he earns through music royalties, endorsement deals, and live performances.

Streaming and Download

Fans can enjoy Barakah The Prince’s music on Citimuzik. His songs, available in MP3 format for single or album downloads, showcase his unique talent and continue to resonate with a wide audience.

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