Salatiel – Touche Pas (Anita 2)

AUDIO Salatiel - Touche Pas (Anita 2) MP3 DOWNLOAD

Alpha Better Records‘ exceptionally gifted vocalist, Salatiel, has delivered an impressive track titled “Touche Pas (Anita 2).”

Continuing the narrative of Anita, Salatiel and Anita joyfully unite in matrimony following the birth of their child. However, a fateful incident on their wedding night casts a shadow over their blissful union.

As a new day dawns, we’re delighted to present to you a sensational new single, “Touche Pas (Anita 2),” available for MP3 audio download by Salatiel. Enjoy this musical masterpiece!

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The narrative of Anita, which began with an outpouring of emotions and captivating storytelling, takes a new leap as Salatiel and Anita find themselves walking down the aisle. Their love, strong and unwavering, has culminated in the joyous celebration of matrimony, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. The birth of their child added another layer of happiness to their union, symbolizing a bond that goes beyond just the two of them.

listen to, “Salatiel – Touche Pas (Anita 2)’ below

AUDIO Salatiel – Touche Pas (Anita 2) MP3 DOWNLOAD


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