Kanye West’s ‘Vultures 1’ Album Pulled from Apple Music

Kanye West's 'Vultures 1' Album Pulled from Apple Music

Kanye West’s latest album, “Vultures 1,” has found itself in hot water and was removed from Apple Music and iTunes merely five days after its release. The album, which featured “Carnival” at the top of the Top 100: Global chart, faced immediate copyright infringement issues leading to its swift takedown.

The controversy began when Spotify removed the track “Good (Don’t Die)” following claims from Donna Summer’s estate, accusing West of unauthorized use of the singer’s 1977 hit “I Feel Love.” Despite this, the album remained on Spotify, albeit with the contentious track being made unplayable.

FUGA, the distributor responsible for “Vultures 1,” has been actively working to remove the album from all streaming platforms, citing a violation of their service agreement by uploading the album without proper authorization. This situation has sparked a broader conversation about copyright infringement in the music industry.

This incident adds another layer to the album’s tumultuous journey, especially as Kanye West and “Vultures 1” collaborator Ty Dolla Sign are set to headline the upcoming Rolling Loud music festival. As the legal drama unfolds, fans and the music industry alike wait to see the final outcome of this copyright clash.

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